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Sunday, July 15, 2007
So my 3 year old son, EJ (nickname), has decided that he will live out at least a third of his day as a cat. Why? I don't know why, why does a 3 year old do anything at all. I thought this is supposed to be the age of imaginary friends maybe even an imaginary animal friend, but to be a cat? That was a little beyond my expectations. He has his share of imaginary friends as well (lately it's the Little Einsteins, yes all of them even rocket.)

At first I thought it was just a phase he would outgrow. He has been fascinated by cats since he met my brother's cats during Christmas of 2005. He has pretended to be a cat on and off since then. First it would just be meowing, but now he is a full fledged cat! He crawls on all fours, meows instead of talks, scratches at the door, and has even gone as far as licking my arm! He asks for things for "the kitty." "The kitty wants some water," "the kitty wants a snack." My all time favorite has been, "the kitty wants to watch tv." To which I was able to respond with a straight face (he was on all fours and in full cat mode at the time) "kitty cats don't watch tv, only little boys watch tv." He very quickly changed back into a little boy after that.

All in all I guess I can get used to the constant meowing, and hopefully I've made it clear that licking is not allowed. At least my husband is not allergic to this "cat." As long as he doesn't try scratching anyone, I guess EJ can be a cat! Hopefully not for too much longer because 3 hours of meowing a day can really get to you! I wonder what the family dog thinks.
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