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Tuesday, September 11, 2007
I have created my own line of baby legwarmers, which seem to be the latest craze and the new "must have" items for babies and toddlers. "Leg warmers?" you say? "What, are we back in the 80's?" Believe it or not these legwarmers are actually very useful and way more fashionable than their 80's counter part!

What is so unique about our kNee Caps™? They are super stylish and are available in great colors and fun prints. They add warmth while being soft on baby's skin. Our kNee caps have 2 finished edges so you can choose your look. One end looks like a finished sweater, the other end looks like a sweatshirt cuff. Our cuffs are super stretchy and will not bind those chubby baby legs!

OK I get that they are unique but how do I use them? Our kNeecaps™ have various uses!

1) Use them as leg warmers that reach all the way up to the thigh (newborn-4t)
2) As leg warmers they are great for crawling babies - no more red, dry, skinned knees!
3) They make diaper changes easier because you don't have to pull them off!
4) They make super cute tights/leggings for girls without pulling their diaper down!
5) They are great for toddler's that are potty training because they don't have to pull pants down.
6) Because they are snug they won't ride up or down the leg, but they are stretchy enough to be comfortable and not pinch.
7) You can use these as arm warmers too!
8) They are a great and easy way to extend your kids' summer wardrobe into fall and winter. These will give t-shirts that cool double layered look. They are also a great way to add warmth under pants without adding bulk!
9) These are cute for dance classes!
10) They are big enough to fit 5t-adults as arm cuffs or traditional legwarmers too!

See our extensive collection of kNee Caps™ baby leg warmers at Petit Debutant:
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