Spark People!

Friday, September 21, 2007
For all of you new moms (and seasoned moms) out there trying to get back into shape or just trying to live a healthy lifestyle, the answer is Spark People! The site is 100% FREE! I use it all the time and have told all of my friends and family about Spark People.

What is it? It's a free site that helps you track all of your goals! You can track your daily calorie intake, exercise time/calories burned, weight loss goal, you can even add your own personal goals such as spiritual goals, savings goals, education goals etc.

The best part about the nutrition tracker is that you can ask for meal plans (free!) or you can just input the things that you eat each day. It gets even better though! There are already thousands of foods listed so all you have to do is look them up, and if they are not listed you can add them yourself! Say you forgot your lunch and went to McDonald's for lunch. Want to know how many calories that Big Mac has? Look it up it's already in there!

Another cool feature is their sister site: Spark Recipes
Here you can upload your great-grandmas famous meatloaf recipe and find out all the nutritional info per serving! How cool is that?! You can even play around with changing the ingredients to see how your nutritional values change. Substitute 2% milk with Fat free and see the difference!

Go on give it a try it's free! ... and no I'm not getting paid for this! You owe it to yourself to at least take a peek!
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