Works for Me!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008
I want to introduce a new "section" of useful tips, little tricks and product reviews that, well, work for me and make my life (or crafting) easier. Hopefully you'll find something useful as well!

Works for me #1:

Want your whole house to smell great? Forget the candles, oil diffusers, and other expensive knick knacks that only work in one room.

My solution: Essential oils! Sprinkle a couple of drops (easy, a little goes a long way!) of your favorite fragrance on your HVAC filter. You know that pleated thing that looks like this: (Which by the way, did you know you are supposed to change it out every 3 months, more often if you have pets or have an unusually dusty house.) Anyway back to the point! The fragrance will waft into every room of your house every time your ac or heater kicks on. The fragrance usually last 2-3 days depending on how often your ac kicks on.

While I have only done this in the summer, when the ac kicks on, in theory you should use less in the winter, when the heater kicks on, because heat will make the essential oils seem stronger.

My favorite oil to use right now is Bath and Body Works Midnight Pomegranate. By the way these are on sale right now for $4 a bottle, way cheaper than a candle! Try some of their holiday inspired scents for the upcoming holidays. Of course you can always mix your own essential oils, my favorite combination when we are sick with a cold: eucalyptus and peppermint - clears your sinuses right up and relieves stress.
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