Little boy pants

Sunday, November 16, 2008
I fell in love with these pants the minute I saw them:
Ottobre 6/08
#11 "Goofy Tweed Pants"
Size: 62 waist, 80 length
Material: Polyester Suiting

I decided to make a pair for a little boy I know. Too bad my 4 year old is to big for this particular pattern. I think they are adorable. I really wanted to make them in a brown just like in the picture. I think brown lends this pair of pants a vintage flair.

Unfortunately I've only got one decent fabric store nearby, and their wool section is rather small. They had wool advertised at 50% off when I went looking for fabric for these pants, but even at 50% it would have still been $9 per yard!

So I was browsing around and I found this pretty heather gray suiting fabric for only $3.97 per yard. I only ended up needing 3/4 yard so the total cost would have been $3. Unfortunately there was an incident. I was so excited to get started so I came home traced out my pattern, and cut out all my pattern pieces. I did all of this on my living room coffee table, then I went off to my sewing room for some notion and left all my stuff out. Next thing I know I hear my son saying, "Mom E... got your scissors!" I yelled "NOOO!!! E...! NOOO!!!" as I come stumbling out of my sewing room (I keep a baby gate across the door to keep the kids and dogs out.) In a short time my daughter had made 3 cuts into the fabric!

So I had to go back to the fabric store for another $3 worth of fabric!

OK here are the pics:


I still need to add buttons to the leg cuffs, but I'm afraid of ruining them! I might just chicken out and do black snaps instead. My sewing machine is not reliable when it comes to buttonholes. I will do a practice run and everything will be great. When I go to do it on the garment, I can usually only make 1 or 2 buttonholes before my machine starts going crazy and will shorten one side of the button hole!


Grace said...

so cute!

SweetPeaknits said...

I love these pants. In fact thats how I found your blog! You did a good job, well done. Its swayed me to purchase this issue of Ottobre now.

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