A new endeavor.

Friday, January 23, 2009

My husband and I have been attending Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University classes. We've learned everything from how to budget properly, how to invest, how to switch over to cash only, how to save for the kids college and so much more. It has been the best $100 we ever spent. We finally have a financial plan for the rest of our lives and it feels great! I highly recommend the class but you can learn a lot by listening to his show and reading any of his books.

So last night's class was all about how to increase your income, long term, by finding the job that is right for you. A job where you will excel because you love it and will give it your all every day. The following questions were posed: "If money were not an option what would you do?" and "What are you doing to make that dream come true?" (or something along those lines.)

My answer to the first question was: be a stay at home mom, which I already get to do thanks to my wonderful husband. But then I got to thinking well what about when the kids start school what do I really want to do(not that I don't really want to be a mom - does that make sense?!) My answer was "sew." More precisely I want to design quilts and quilt patterns.

My answer to the second question was: well I have an Etsy Store and I've written 2 e-books and I finally set up my quilting frame. So I realized I now have the set up to start working on that dream. As of this morning I have started to design my first ever Petit Debutant quilt pattern!

So are you ready for a sneak peak? Here it is:
Sneak Peek

Any guesses as to what it is? Leaves room for the imagination doesn't it!

I'm sure it will be a couple of weeks before you see the finished product.
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