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Saturday, February 7, 2009
I spent yesterday afternoon with a horrible migraine. So after I took some excedrin (which always makes me feel jittery and weird, but gets rid of my migraines!) I spent the rest of the afternoon and into the evening embroidering. Thanks to my wonderful husband who came home and started on dinner when he realized I had a migraine ( I LOVE you baby!) I was able to finish this last night and I think it turned out lovely!

I think it's destined to become an accent pillow. I can't decide if I should tint it or not. I think I will wait and see how it looks like a pillow. Oh, it measures 8"x6"


ReFabulous said...

What a beautiful design! Your stitches are very neat and precise -- lovely job. (I followed you over here from Craftster!)

Petit Design Co. said...

You are too kind! I haven't done any needlework in about 4 years! As I was working on this I kept noticing my inconsistencies: oops that stitch was way too long, oh that one was short, and so on.

Although there was only one time I took out stitches and it was because I didn't notice I had caught the corner of my fabric with my stitches. Luckily I noticed right away and only had to take out 3 stitches.

Mr X Stitch said...

I've come over from Craftster as well. This is very stylish and you should be very proud of yourself. I like the colour combo as well - it mixes contemporary with that sort of 1960's chic animation feel. Well, that's what I think anyway..! :)

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