WIP: Recipe for Friendship quilt and $5 design wall

Friday, February 6, 2009
This is #4 on my "projects list" I started this quilt a couple of days ago after I realized that my daughter does not have a quilt yet (she'll be 3 in may.) My son on the other hand has 2 quilts. I guess it's a trade off because I have made lots of little dresses for my daughter but only 1 shirt for my son!

The picture is taken on my new $5 design wall! I was tired of having my blocks "rearranged" by my husband every time he came into the office. So I bought a cheap vinyl tablecloth that measure 70"x70" and thumb-tacked it to my wall with the backing facing out. The backing is perfect for grabbing fabrics since it is meant to keep the tablecloth from sliding off your table. The only suggestion I have is to find one that is a neutral color on the front (white off white). Mine was a bright red valentines one and the color peeks through to the reverse side. I'll be getting a white one when I can find one! But for 5 bucks I can't complain because it works so well and keeps my blocks in the right order off the floor and wrinkle free! Hooray!

In this picture only rows 3-8 (all the way across) are sewn together.


Anonymous said...

That is a great idea! Jodi B.

Karenkay said...

such a great idea!!

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