Friday, April 24, 2009
I know I missed posting according to schedule last week, but I have a very good excuse. I've been crazy busy!

Last week Tuesday I flew out to UT to visit my brother and sister. Well my sister in-law (hubby's sister) also lives in UT. Remember the Friendship quilt v2.0? Well that was for her.

I spent all of Sunday night and all of Monday doing the quilting on the quilt! I'm proud to say I finished it, very early Tuesday morning (like 1am.) This is the biggest quilt I have personally quilted, ever! I'm so proud of actually finishing it in 2 days! Yes my back and neck where hurting like crazy, my arms felt like lead, and lets not mention my poor bottom. I think I need a more comfortable sewing chair! Well since I finished the quilt at a weird time, I was unable to get a picture because of the poor lighting. I figured I would take some pictures in UT after I gave it to my sister in-law. I completely forgot of course! No worries though, I've got my mother in-law on the job. She should be sending me pictures soon and then I will share. You should see the backing it was awesome!

So after I spent a fun 2 days in UT I had to fly home and host my Brother in-law and his wife and lovely baby girl. They came out and spent Thursday-Monday with us. It was so much fun to have them around. Well they were staying in my office/sewing room (which I completely re-organized prior to quilting the quilt) so I couldn't get in to use my computer. Thus no post last week.

Other craziness: My husband was offered a job in Anniston, AL. We pondered, we prayed and we accepted the job offer. Now we have to decide what to do with the house, sell or rent? He will start sometime around May 11th. In the meantime, until we figure out what to do with the house, he will travel back and forth on weekends (it's a 3.5hr drive)... pooh.

This is hard, we love our house, the city, our friends, and don't want to leave! This is the only place we have lived where we don't want to leave. ok that's enough whiny-ness out of me!

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LollyChops said...

Ok so what I was about to say before the mass of excitement from below.. is to tell you not to worry! I think moving is exciting as pie! I love the adventure. I know it's scary but it's going to be ok!

More hugs than you can stand!

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