Painting a door

Friday, April 3, 2009
I found it! My picture was saved to the desktop for easy access and I had forgotten where I put it. This will be more of a tips post rather than a step by step post.

Materials I used:
  • Interior latex paint (white, gloss)
  • Angled brush (I love my Purdy)

  • Dust and clean your door first. (I like Simple Green)
  • Paint with the grain of your door ( Sections 1, 5 & 9 were painted with horizontal strokes, the rest were done in vertical strokes)
  • Look at your door and you will see the "sections" already picked out for you
  • Start on the top half of the door ( the numbers indicate the order in which i started painting.
  • As I painted section 1 I also painted to the top of the door (when it is open)
  • As I painted sections 3 & 7 I painted the inside edge of the door (when it is open)
  • Let dry a couple of hours before you come back and decide whether you need another coat. As your door is drying it may look uneven but will look perfect once dry.
I like to use the glossy paint on doors and trims because it stands up to cleaning and it just "pops" and brightens any room. I especially love the effect on a windowsill because the paint seems to reflect the light into the room better.

I do have a more common type of door (with out the curved panels) I'll try and do up another little numbered picture of that door as well. Feel free to ask me any questions!

This week I hope to tackle the french door in the kitchen and maybe even the staircase in the living room!
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