Happy Birthday to me!

Friday, May 8, 2009
My Birthday was last weekend, I'm now officially closer to 30!

Well my birthday wasn't horribly entertaining. After a Team A.S.K work out in the morning I came home to help my hubby work on the kitchen flooring and to practice on my "practice counter top" in preparation for painting my actual counter tops. Oooh I did score some awesome Matryoshka Kokka fabric from my sister-in-law. Thank you! I love it! :)

The flooring that was in the kitchen as a blue vinyl that had stained and faded in the sun. It was also separating in different places. While we would have loved to do real tile, it is not in the budget right now and we're just trying to get the house ready to go on the market. So we opted for this nice brown earth tone vinyl stick down tile with little specks of black. it took most of the day Saturday to get it done, minus a few tricky cuts which Mr. Debutant finished up on Sunday.

Yuck! I can't believe I was able to stand looking at his for over a year. But I kept it clean, it just looked ugly!
Here's the whole effect with the blue counter tops!

And here is "Big Brother" helping out with his nifty new change-o screw driver.
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