Blocks 2,3,4 and Fiber Art Show

Thursday, July 23, 2009
So I decided to catch up on the quilt-a-long before I get too far behind. I'm really liking this one block a day business. I feel as though I can make each and every block perfect, or as close to it as possible, because each block has my undivided attention. There are no deadlines and no long tedious days of cutting pieces - does anyone else find cutting rather boring? Best of all there is not a giant stack of pieces waiting to be pieced into a quilt making it feel like there is so much left to do.

I have come a long way in quilting and I love how my nine-patch blocks are having perfectly matched corners! It seriously makes me giddy!

Block #2

Block #3

Block #4

I'm feeling a bit ambitious and have decided to enter this quilt into the Calhoun County Community Fiber Art Show. The show will feature featuring quilting, knitting, crochet, needlework and other fiber arts made by past and present residents of Calhoun County and the surrounding counties.
...assuming I stay on track with the block-a-day plan, I should be done with all of my blocks on September 6, giving me a month and a half to finish it up in time for the October 23rd entry deadline.

"I've spoken my piece and counted to three." There I said it, wrote it down, and shared it with you. Now it's official! LOL

I expect you guys to hold me accountable!
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