Doll quilt possibility

Saturday, July 25, 2009
Here is an idea I am playing around with for the DQS7 (Doll Quilt Swap 7).

I think I may be biting off more than I can handle, and I'm not completely sure it fits my partner's taste.

My plan is to quilt the design first and add color later. I've seen quilts done in this manner that are stunning. Of course, the quilting skills are phenomenal! I don't think my quilting skills are quite there yet but I think I can do a decent job. Of course there is always the special "file box" for butchered quilts. (The trash can!!!)

This is what I"m talking about:

Quilt by Irena Bluhm: By the way she is missing this quilt! So if you have seen it anywhere please contact her!
And these from Helen Stubbings:

Irena also has books on the matter


A Plus Quilt Shop said...

Can I be your partner? Please?? That will be beautiful! I am sure your partner will adore it!

jodi @ Pleasant Home said...

Wow. Those quilts are amazing! And you have a new follower! I'm having so much fun visiting your blog.

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