Quilting, blueberries, and jam

Thursday, July 23, 2009
What can you get for $8? Well in my neck of the woods you can get a gallon of pick-your-own super-plump-n-juicy-fall-off-the-bush blueberries! Yum!
(this is not a ramekin it's a 2 qt dish!)

To me summer goes hand in hand with blueberries. It's not summer with out blueberries, and watermelon - can't forget the watermelon! I was so excited to find a blueberry patch within 15 minutes of our place here in Alabama. We went again this morning for a total of 3 visits so far.
I have not made plans for today's crop, but I better make some plans soon before they are all gone! The season is almost over and my husband thinks I should go back at least 2 more times! Easy for him to say, I'm the one who is out in the unbearably hot, humid, mosquito infested,- not to mention fire ants, blueberry patch for an hour+ per gallon!

Oh blueberries how do I love thee, let me count the ways:
By the handful
Blubbery pancakes
Blueberry cobbler
Blueberry Pie
Melt in your mouth Blueberry cake
Blueberry buckle
Blueberry smoothies
Blueberry jam
Blueberry Sauce
Blueberry Clafouti

hungry yet?

Finding myself with a plethora of blueberries I have wandered into the world of canning. I made my first, and quite successful I might add, batch of blueberry jam. I just followed the recipe on the "Ball" pectin box. I used my blender's "pulse" button to make quick work of the blueberries. It took me a while to make the jam but only because I followed the directions and took my time so I wouldn't mess up. Next time will be so much quicker. I still need to make labels for my jars, but aren't they pretty? Oh and it tastes amazing to boot!

Yesterday I sewed up my first block for the nine-patch quilt-a-long. I'm already in love with the quilt! I can't wait to see it finished. My quilt will only be 49 blocks instead of 70 blocks.

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Dawn/wolfmom2ac said...

I am loving the colors in your nine patch block! And you are making me hungry for blueberry jam! Looks wonderful!

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