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Thursday, July 9, 2009
Lately it seems like I've been saving up my posts for a number of reasons. First it was the death of my laptop. Now it is the death of my camera! LOL A while ago I cracked the housing but it still worked, but it wouldn't meter the light correctly on occasion. It would still give me decent shots 98% of the time. Lately it won't stay in the setting I choose. In fact it scrolls back and forth between the automatic setting and any number of other settings. It won't let me take a picture while it's scrolling and in order to get it to work (which only my husband can) you have to squeeze the housing just so and in just the right spot all while attempting to push down on the shutter button.

So I asked my brother (professional photographer) to recommend a camera for me (have you seen his site? it is amazing!) So while he found me a great deal on a Canon Rebel XTi for only $350 (wow) I just couldn't justify spending that much right now. Maybe in a couple of months when we are debt free! Plus I just couldn't see myself lugging the SLR around for everything. I figured I would still need a point and shoot as well.

So he recommended an older model camera (gasp - it's not the newest kid on the block): a Canon Powershot A570 IS which has pretty good reviews and has full manual mode. That was pretty much my only requirement full manual mode. Most entry level cameras don't have that option anymore. He even found me a great deal on a refurbished model for only $75 plus a 1 year warranty plus free shipping! That's cheaper than anything at Walmart, Target, or Best Buy (believe me I looked) for more camera! This little camera will definitely tie me over until I am ready for an SLR. It will also give me a chance to refresh myself on working with manual mode.

The only pitfall is I have to wait a whole week to get it - oh the agony! There have been so many cool things I have wanted to show you but they will have to wait until I can photograph them. Starting with some thrift store finds, a couple of how to's, and an awesome antique store.

So I apologize for the lack of pictures but I promise I'll make it up to you - scouts honor.
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