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Monday, August 10, 2009

I'm such a lucky gal with the most amazing husband ever!

That very day (Friday) as soon as shortly after Mr. PD walked in the door from work, I gave him a mischievous grin and simply said, "I want something." "What does my cute-ums want?" he asked (I know totally cutesy right? I love this man.) So I quickly pulled up the web page and showed him the table. He simply said "ok." I didn't even have to beg cry or beg some more!

I figured we would get it sometime over the weekend but Mr. PD surprised me even further by helping me clean the kitchen while I cleaned the bathroom and living room because we were going to have friends over to play games later that night. PLUS he suggested we grab Chinese take out and the table while the blueberry cobbler he made was in the oven!!! I tell ya, I love that man!!!

So here is a before picture. Not that there was anything wrong with my previous table. In fact I made the mosaic table top and I love it. It's just to small. There are four of us and entertaining gets really crowded! I've been wanting a bigger table for a couple of years now and hadn't found one with the right style at the right price. This one had it all!

My lovely mosaic table has now been destined to become a patio table. I can't wait to plop it on the deck if and when we get the chance to move back to our TN house.


I'm so in love with the table! I can't wait to whip up table runners, place mats, and centerpieces! I know I'm a craft geek!

P.S. The chairs are from IKEA ( STEFAN chair $19.99) and they work with the table very well. They are black and while the legs aren't turned they are traditional enough to be right at home with the table. I'll be picking up 2 more in a couple of weeks.
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