Photography-along Lesson #1: Assigment #1

Thursday, August 13, 2009
I feel kinda weird posting about the photography-along since no one decided to join me *sniff* Maybe I should change the name to photography-alone. I know lame, right! I'm pretty sure my SIL will join me when she gets her modem working though... and I'm still hoping to inspire a few of you to bust out your cameras and manuals and join me in the near future!

So for Lesson #1 over on morgueFile there are 2 assignments.

The first is to take some abstract photos using some of the basic composition rules outlined: getting in close, the rule of thirds, triangles, frame within a frame, leading lines and a few others.

So here are some pictures I have taken recently trying to implement my new found knowledge.

So this is a close up of a fence with another fence behind it. I think most of the lines fall on the "thirds" of the frame.

Here's a landscape shot where I tried to place the bottom of the building along the "rule of thirds" horizon line.

Here's my favorite picture so far. I think that the principle of "leading lines" is used here and I tried to place the center of the wagon wheel at an intersection of the" rule of thirds".

Well that's all for now!


Kris said...

Ooh! I really like the wheel... you're inspiring me to start this. I might get some time this weekend. I'm not promising, but I might just join you on this photo-along!

LauraB said...

I feel inspired too ... now, which camera will I lift ... oh, I mean borrow, from the kids ;-)

Arianne said...

OK, OK, the modem is up, I'm catching up on reading blogs, and as soon as my parents' visit is over I'll join you!

Candace said...

Love your photographs, the wheel being my favorite also. Thanks for the heads up, I may join you also. I just discovered your blog, and am enjoying it very much.

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