Photography-along Lesson #2

Friday, August 28, 2009
It's Friday and time to move on to lesson #2 of the Photo-along. How did you do in lesson #1? Did you get in closer? I sure have and I must say getting in close yields amazing results. I'm not sure I did very well on the whole abstract thing but it was fun to try.

How did you do on assignment 2 of Lesson #1? This was shooting a subject from various angles. I kind of count my Jelly Fish pics as my submission for this assignment. It was fun to snap away and let me tell you, Jellies are interesting from every angle! Did you know they swim upside down too? I just assumed they swam upwards, but I guess it makes sense that they would have to swim in all directions! I just have always seen them in photos/movies swimming upwards! How do they keep from tangling up in each other?

So this week we are moving on to Lesson #2 which can be found over on morgueFile. This weeks lesson is all about aperture and shutter speed. Aper-what? Don't let the first couple of diagrams scare you off though! I took one look at them and almost ran in the opposite direction. Just chug along and later this week I'll be posting a couple of other links with awesome explanations of aperture and shutter speed. This is a hard one to learn and the more ways it's explained the more sense it will make!

Oooh there are 3 assignments for this lesson. This might become another 2 week lesson.

Now go out and shoot!

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Kris said...

ooh I'm excited! I went to look at DSLRs this weekend since I'm hopefully getting one around the holiday time. It got me really excited, but I'm glad that I'm doing this to get me ready for the big time! :)

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