Photography a-long week#1

Friday, August 7, 2009
Does anyone want to join me???

*crickets chirping*



Well I didn't hear from anyone willing to join me, but I think I'll go ahead anyway and maybe once I dazzle you with my new photo taking skills you'll decide to join me!

So for week #1 we will be doing lesson 1 from the morgueFILE lessons. Don't forget that you can join morgueFILE (free) and upload your homework into the discussion board for some great feed back.

During the week I'll post some extra articles that might be of use to you.

Remember you don't need a fancy schmancy camera to take great pictures!

So before you get started make sure you have a working camera, batteries, a memory card, and most importantly your camera's manual!! We're going to learn how to use our camera's - finally!

If you decide to join me drop me a note and let me know. I'll be happy to add your blog or flickr account to my sidebar


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corrie said...

Sounds fun. I'm not ready to make a firm commitment. But dazzle me with some of your homework samples! This is definately a skill I want to learn at some point.

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