World's longest yard sale!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009
I'm so there!

This weekend will be the annual 127 Corridor yard sale. This is the Mother of all yard sales! eeek I'm so excited I can hardly contain myself! eeeek!!! (You can also watch on HGTV as well.)

breathe in. breathe out.

Ok now that that is out of my system let me tell you about this little sale. I first heard of this bad boy when we moved to TN 3 years ago. It is billed the world's longest yard sale and starts up in OH somewhere and winds its way merrily down through Kentucky, TN and ends in Al. Sadly we never got around to going while we lived in TN. We would either forget, something else would come up, or we didn't feel like driving 2hrs (one way) with the kids to the nearest section of Hwy 127.

Oh but now, now we live a mere 35 miles away from Gadsden Al! Which just happens to be the very end of the yard sale!! I'm so excited!! (did I already say that?) Saturday morning we're going to leave bright and early (we've got to be back for a thing at 2pm) and all 4 of us are going to pile into Mr. PD's Chevy s-10 and hit the sales! Piling in to "Gideon" (the s-10) is not my idea of fun, but I will gladly endure it for this event!

What am I looking for? Why I've got a list
1) interesting items to photograph (photos are free! and they won't ruin my budget)
2) I'm looking for a sofa table or something like it to use as a buffet in the dining room
3) an interesting cupboard type of furniture to display my folded up quilts. I've seen some nice ones and I would like to find one!

That's it that's all I'm looking for. But mostly I just enjoy looking. Striking a bargain with the seller is lots of fun too. Good think Mr. PD is coming with, because he can really talk people down! Remind me to tell you how I got a $1200 road bike for $250!

It starts tomorrow!! Maybe I'll see you there! Click here to see the brochure.


corrie said...

THAT is a crazy yard sale! I wish you luck in your search. A fun Saturday!

Renee•Candy Stick Lane said...

I watch this every year on HGTV!!!! YAY!!!!! I wish I was there!

Busy Little Quilter said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Have fun at the yard sale! I love the quilt cupboard you posted. I need that! My husband does woodworking. I can't wait to show this to him and see if he can make me one.

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