Etsy Love Wednesday: Double Dose

Wednesday, September 30, 2009
Once again I missed last weeks Etsy Love Wednesday {curse those little germs!}

Up first is a vinyl decal grouping of 3 lovely bird cages. {will vinyl decals ever get old? I heart vinyl} You can get your very own set at Single Stone Studios, plenty more designs to choose from if birds aren't your thing!

I really like the Folksiness of this Pear Tree Stocking made by Buck Land

Not into Folk Art? Here's a set of modern Heather Bailey Stockings made by Petals and Polkadots

I found these awesome Ninja Turtle beanies last year, they still crack me up when I see them! You can buy one ready to go, or a PDF pattern to make your own, by Beach Bunny

These little Hobbit inspired houses would be a great addition to any garden. Skillfully made by Enchanted Gardens.

I've already told you that I'm partial to anything to do with camping trailers {could have something to do with the fact that Mr. PD is building his own.} I couldn't resist this awesome bird house by ralfg08

Couple Silhouette

Friday, September 25, 2009
I caught some bug and it has been messin' with my system the last few days. I'm talking major sore throat and chills. So I haven't done much crafting, cleaning or cooking!

I did manage to get through the six lessons in the EQ6 manual and now have a pretty good idea of what the program can and can't do. I find that it is a pretty intuitive program if you are familiar with any other photo editing or illustrating software. Anyone who is computer illiterate will breeze through the lessons because every step is illustrated!

Besides trugging along through the EQ6 manual I've been working on a few silhouette orders I recently received. My favorite of which was this lovely couple:

It was a fun challenge to wok with the umbrella in the original image. I absolutely love the way it turned out.

My silhouettes are currently on sale and would make a great gift for that hard to please person on your Christmas list! You can see the many options in My Store.

Fabric and Crafty $hopping Deals

Wednesday, September 23, 2009
I have stumbled upon some great deals lately and will be updating them here whenever I find a deal too good to pass up!

- Glace Christmas Charm Packs at Hancock's of Paducah ($3.98)

- Missouri Quilt company offers a "Daily Deal" a different item every day for 30%-70% off and always $5 shipping. I check every day! Today (Friday 9/25) is a FREE charm pack!!!

A Great Mail Day!

Monday, September 21, 2009
I thought my day was made when the Brown Santa Claus showed up, but it just got better! I was just about to install my EQ6 when I remembered I hadn't checked my mail yet. It's been pouring most days around here lately and since I've been anxiously awaiting my DQS7 I ran out in the rain to check. Boy am I glad I did! I would have been so sad if my little DQS7 had gotten drenched and maybe ruined... but I saved it from any danger.

Goodies Received:
1. Set of 6 note cards. Hedgie and Sewing machine pattern 2. Ghirardelli Chocolate {yumo!} 3. Embroidery floss in exact matches to the Neptune Line!

DQS7 from Kris from Summer at Grandma's

Thank you SOOO much Kris! She was so sneaky in stalking me! I love everything about this quilt. Kris used my favorite-test fabric line ever: Neptune by Tula Pink. It's even reversible! I loved this from the moment I spotted it in the DQS7 Flickr pool and I'm so happy to give it a home!


Brown Santa Claus

NO, this isn't a racist post. This is what we affectionately call all UPS delivery men/women. A person dressed in brown, in a brown truck that brings you all sorts of goodies in brown boxes - yup definitely a Santa Claus.

I kept glancing out of my window all morning long hoping to catch a glimpse of the brown Santa Claus. Sometime last week I made a purchase that I have been anxiously waiting for. I had been tracking my package since I got the shipment confirmation from ALLBRANDS. Sometimes I hate tracking information don't you? I tracked my package last week and was giddy with excitement when I saw it reach Montgomery, AL on Friday. I thought for sure I would have my package the next day... but, I forgot: UPS ground does not deliver on Saturdays. So I had to wait all weekend long! Like I said, tracking info - sometimes a good thing, sometimes a curse.

So what was I waiting for all weekend long?

EQ6 Baby!
I'm so excited to get acquainted with this quilting design software. So excuse me if I disappear for a few days! You can be sure I'll be posting reviews and such as I go along! If you want to learn more about EQ6 visit their website.

Have you tried out this software? Own it? What do YOU think about it?

Modern Nine-Patch

Saturday, September 19, 2009
I finished my nine-patch quilt along top about a week ago{maybe closer to two, I can't remember, so much going on!} I just now got around to taking pictures of it. Believe it or not every time I remembered to take pictures we've had rainy or overcast days around here. So I made my son's bed today {a rare sight} and decided there was enough sunshiny-ness to take some nice pictures.

My top is only 42 blocks instead of the 70 blocks being made by most. Today is day 61 of the quilt-a-long. So yeah, I went at a much slower pace than one block a day. I finally got my fabric for the backing in the mail. It's the pink and aqua fabric in the same line. I'll be doing a little bit of piecing on the back of the quilt. For the binding I want the dark navy blue {I still need to order this.}

I also finally found some Warm n' White to use as the batting. I'm definitely feeling the frustration of not having a good fabric store around. There is a Hobby Lobby but their stock of quilting items is pretty scarce. At least they carry a decent rang of Kona Cotton Solids. There is also a tiny LQS (Local Quilt Shop.) But they don't carry many fabrics in my taste range! There is a Hancock Fabric's store in Birmingham and a Joann's in Georgia, but each of those is over an hour away!

I've been forced to shop online and I detest it! I hate paying for shipping. I hate not being able to feel the fabrics. I hate not being able to see the "real" color of the fabrics and thread. I hate forgetting to add something to my order, or not ordering enough and then having to pay for shipping again. I hate having to wait a couple of days to get my fabric, sometimes I just want to get to work! But, I guess I can live with all of those nuances because the only other option would be to not quilt at all *gasp* Thank goodness for the internet!

Retro "big kid" Quilt & Quilt Care

Friday, September 18, 2009
I finished this quilt up yesterday. I had to wait until today to wash it and for some good lighting for pictures. I love the finished product! My favorite part is the red. The solid red squares and the inner border are made of super soft Ultra Suede. I can just see the suede squares becoming a favorite spot for little hands to rub.
The quilt is available in my shop, but only until November {because if it doesn't sell by then, I will be giving it to my son for Christmas.}

I know that everyone has their own way of taking care of quilts. I know there are a million do's and dont's that grandma's have. This is what I do and it works for me. Feel free to try it out!

  • I set my machine to the most delicate cycle available, in my case it's the "hand wash" cycle
  • I use cold water for all of my quilts
  • I like to use Baby ALL detergent
  • I use a dye catcher I like Delta Carbona Dye Grabber. I use the one that is good for 30 loads. They are about $5 at the grocery store
  • Once the wash cycle is done I run the "high spin" cycle (my "hand wash" cycle has a "low spin" which leaves too much water in the quilt.)
  • I set my dryer to the lowest heat setting
  • I add a "nice" dryer sheet
  • I add a towel so that it will "tumble" better
  • I only use the dryer for 10-15 minutes to get most of the moisture out
  • I lay out my quilt on a clean bed to finish drying


Tuesday, September 15, 2009
I've been perusing Etsy and Flickr for ideas of items to add to my Mossy Gardens. A couple of days ago I found the cutest little gnome dolls. I found 2 shops with similar dolls and fell in love with the artist's creations.

The first shop I found was humblebea
Isn't this the cutest little birthday gnome you've ever seen?

Unfortunately I forgot to bookmark her store! I searched high and low on Etsy until I found her again. It was a good thing I forgot the bookmark because I then found this store:

How about a little Witch?

Inspired by these 2 fine artisans, I set out to make my own gnome. I did a quick run to Hobby Lobby before picking up my son from school one afternoon {it's on the way there, it's probably a bad thing because it means Hobby Lobby is never out of the way! That's 5 days a week I can think of excuses to stop by} I picked up some Sculpey III polymer clay in white and set to work.

This is what I came up with!
{after painting of course}
he measures about 1.5" from top of hat to bottom

and here he is in his new home

If you don't feel creative enough to have a go at making these yourself, I'm sure these lovely ladies wouldn't mind you stopping shopping by.

Productive Weekend

I had an awesomely productive weekend.

I finally turned this quilt top into a quilt.
It's only been sitting in my UFO pile since fall of 08. Hey it only took me a year to get to it, that's pretty good! Now I just need to add binding.

I spent Saturday doing this: {Courtesy of Mr. PD}That's me in the white helmet and Mr. PD right behind me

We had an awesome date and got to meet up with 2 of our couple friends from TN. That's what I love about my husband, he knows that I would prefer an action packed day over a night at a bed and breakfast, fabric over flowers, and chocolate for no reason at all!

I also sent out my DQS7 last week and it was delivered during the weekend.

Where were you...

Friday, September 11, 2009
when the world stopped turning that September Day? Really, I would like to know.

I was in college, at BYU, getting ready to head off to my first class. My roomie was talking with her mom on the phone, who told her to turn on the tv. We saw reports of the first airplane, then watched live as the second one hit. I remember the audible gasp that left each of our lips as that second plane hit. Then we watched in horror and silence as the towers fell. I cried out in my heart "My God" for all those innocent people lost.

Then I forced myself to walk to campus for class, in a trance. I remember catching glimpses of the news, through the WILK and the, bookstore. Every TV on campus was turned to the news. Most teachers just let us go or had set up tv's in the classroom to follow the news.

- I can't think about it with out crying, as I am right now.

I don't care what people believe about the September 11 attacks (I'm referring those conspiracy nuts) but I do know that lots of innocent men, women, children, fathers, brothers, mothers, sisters, sons, daughters, and best friends were lost that day. Someone will answer to God someday.

This is MY blog and I WILL moderate any inappropriate comments

Mossy Gardens Part 2

Thursday, September 10, 2009
For Part 1 go here.

You'll have enough to make several good sized terrariums. Why not make some for Christmas gifts?

Activated Carbon ($5)
Keeps your Garden clean and stink free. Can be found in any aquarium section of a pet store. One bottle will treat lots of terrariums.

Dirt ($4)
Use some nice potting soil so you know its free of disease and bugs (Free if you've got some lying around)

Small rocks/gravel or sand ($3)
Keeps your carbon from going to the bottom of your jar.

Covered Jars (less than $2/piece at thrift store)
Covered is key here, less maintenance and makes your garden virtually kill proof.

Moss (free)
Take a nice walk with your family to a local park and watch the ground as you walk. You'll be surprised at the different varieties, textures, and colors you can find! Bring a ziploc baggie with you to transport the moss home. Be careful of not taking too much moss form any one place, we don't want to mess up nature's beauty!

Bigger Rocks
Pick these up on your walk too, or if you have some of these glass gems lying around, feel free to use those!

Spray Bottle
For watering. I bought one of those little travel size spray bottles (like for hair spray) for about $0.50 and keep it next to my mossy garden. If you are giving your gardens away, it's nice to include a spray bottle as well.

So how do we put it all together? First wash your jars in hot soapy water. Then layer your ingredients in this order:

  • A thin layer of larger rocks, enough to cover the bottom
  • An even thinner layer of gravel/small rocks or sand. Just enough to fill in the large crevices of your previous layer. This is to keep your dirt and carbon from falling to the bottom of the jar, and for drainage
  • A small handful of carbon (it does not need to cover the previous layer)
  • Add a nice even layer of potting soil. You can create "hills" by adding more soil up against a wall of the jar
  • Now gently tear pieces of moss to your desired size and place on top of the soil. Add interest by mixing up the different kinds of moss.
  • For the first watering I like to use a cup to gently pour water into the terrarium and make sure everything gets watered. A little water goes a long way.
  • Cover your jar and you are done!
  • Water with your sprayer once every 2 weeks or so. Just a couple of misting sprays is all it takes!

This is my favorite jar ever! $1.75 at the thrift store and it is mushroom shaped! Perfect for a Mossy Garden!

Look at all the different textures!

Etsy Love Wednesday

Wednesday, September 9, 2009
Yeah I know. I missed last week's post. My laptop got a virus, remember? A couple of days later and $80 poorer I got my laptop back good as new! So sit back, relax and enjoy a double dose of Etsy Love Wednesday.

I became a fan of The Whimsy Patch the minute I saw her cutie patootie handmade dolls. Now she is offering patterns so that you can make your very own dolls! What little girl would not love one of these adorable dolls?I recently purchased her Mod Dollie pattern, that I will be using with my 12 year-old girl church class, to make dolls for charity. I'll post pics when we get around to it next month. Kimmie was so nice and had some great ideas on how to make this pattern work for a bunch of new to sewing 12 year-olds!

Here is another pattern I have had my eye on. Actually, Keykalou's shop is chock full of wonderful patterns: pot holders, clutches, bags and much more!

How about a custom "anything" stamp from Purple Lemon Design? I really like this teacher stamp.

I know vinyl wall decals are a dime a dozen but I LOVE this little chickadee by Monkey Threads.

CandylandBeads has the most amazing collection of handmade polymer clay beads. Check out the uber cuteness of little Yoda!

Check out Leannegraeff's shop for some wonderful textiles she has designed herself. I love the tea towels featuring the sweet camping trailer. She also has fabric yardage of her designs!

Photo-along: Aperture schmaperture and shutter speed.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009
So are you completely confused as to what aperture and shutter speed are? For the longest time I couldn't remember that bigger is smaller and vice versa. Big is less and small is more. What?!

I'm not even going to try to explain it because I'll just end up confusing myself all over again. Instead head on over to Pioneer Woman photography for a great explanation on aperture and shutter speed.

Aperture part 1
Aperture/Shutter Speed part 2
Aperture part 3
Aperture part 4

Hopefully these will help clear things up for you. While you are there browse around for some wonderful photos and some more tips, tricks, and explanations.

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