Couple Silhouette

Friday, September 25, 2009
I caught some bug and it has been messin' with my system the last few days. I'm talking major sore throat and chills. So I haven't done much crafting, cleaning or cooking!

I did manage to get through the six lessons in the EQ6 manual and now have a pretty good idea of what the program can and can't do. I find that it is a pretty intuitive program if you are familiar with any other photo editing or illustrating software. Anyone who is computer illiterate will breeze through the lessons because every step is illustrated!

Besides trugging along through the EQ6 manual I've been working on a few silhouette orders I recently received. My favorite of which was this lovely couple:

It was a fun challenge to wok with the umbrella in the original image. I absolutely love the way it turned out.

My silhouettes are currently on sale and would make a great gift for that hard to please person on your Christmas list! You can see the many options in My Store.

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Arianne said...

That did turn out really nice! Hope you feel better soon.

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