Tuesday, September 15, 2009
I've been perusing Etsy and Flickr for ideas of items to add to my Mossy Gardens. A couple of days ago I found the cutest little gnome dolls. I found 2 shops with similar dolls and fell in love with the artist's creations.

The first shop I found was humblebea
Isn't this the cutest little birthday gnome you've ever seen?

Unfortunately I forgot to bookmark her store! I searched high and low on Etsy until I found her again. It was a good thing I forgot the bookmark because I then found this store:

How about a little Witch?

Inspired by these 2 fine artisans, I set out to make my own gnome. I did a quick run to Hobby Lobby before picking up my son from school one afternoon {it's on the way there, it's probably a bad thing because it means Hobby Lobby is never out of the way! That's 5 days a week I can think of excuses to stop by} I picked up some Sculpey III polymer clay in white and set to work.

This is what I came up with!
{after painting of course}
he measures about 1.5" from top of hat to bottom

and here he is in his new home

If you don't feel creative enough to have a go at making these yourself, I'm sure these lovely ladies wouldn't mind you stopping shopping by.


Arianne said...

You've got the touch. He's super cute. I have a little tomte/nisse in my front room that makes me smile. Keep up the great ideas!

lisapenn said...

I LOVE this idea! I have been wondering for the past couple of weeks what to make my mom for her birthday coming up and this is PERFECT!! She loves stuff like this and it won't cost me a fortune to make it. Thank you Norma! I'll put it in the terrarium I am making for her. ; )

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