A Great Mail Day!

Monday, September 21, 2009
I thought my day was made when the Brown Santa Claus showed up, but it just got better! I was just about to install my EQ6 when I remembered I hadn't checked my mail yet. It's been pouring most days around here lately and since I've been anxiously awaiting my DQS7 I ran out in the rain to check. Boy am I glad I did! I would have been so sad if my little DQS7 had gotten drenched and maybe ruined... but I saved it from any danger.

Goodies Received:
1. Set of 6 note cards. Hedgie and Sewing machine pattern 2. Ghirardelli Chocolate {yumo!} 3. Embroidery floss in exact matches to the Neptune Line!

DQS7 from Kris from Summer at Grandma's

Thank you SOOO much Kris! She was so sneaky in stalking me! I love everything about this quilt. Kris used my favorite-test fabric line ever: Neptune by Tula Pink. It's even reversible! I loved this from the moment I spotted it in the DQS7 Flickr pool and I'm so happy to give it a home!



Gale's Goodies said...

Wow, that is fabulous! The Neptune line is my favorite too. Your partner did a lot of great work to create this masterpiece for you!

jodi @ Pleasant Home said...

Fabulous quilt! Lucky you!

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