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Friday, September 11, 2009
when the world stopped turning that September Day? Really, I would like to know.

I was in college, at BYU, getting ready to head off to my first class. My roomie was talking with her mom on the phone, who told her to turn on the tv. We saw reports of the first airplane, then watched live as the second one hit. I remember the audible gasp that left each of our lips as that second plane hit. Then we watched in horror and silence as the towers fell. I cried out in my heart "My God" for all those innocent people lost.

Then I forced myself to walk to campus for class, in a trance. I remember catching glimpses of the news, through the WILK and the, bookstore. Every TV on campus was turned to the news. Most teachers just let us go or had set up tv's in the classroom to follow the news.

- I can't think about it with out crying, as I am right now.

I don't care what people believe about the September 11 attacks (I'm referring those conspiracy nuts) but I do know that lots of innocent men, women, children, fathers, brothers, mothers, sisters, sons, daughters, and best friends were lost that day. Someone will answer to God someday.

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Dena said...

I was at work talking with my youngest son on the phone. Living on the westcoast, it would have been about 6:30am. out time. The radio was on and I heard bits and pieces of the commotion so I started to listen more closely. I couldn't tell if it was another Orson Wells enactment or not. Of course, within a few minutes it became clear what was happening and my was growing heavier as I continued to listen to the broadcast. Such a senseless act.

Bamamoma said...

I was listening to the radio while getting ready for work. I heard that a plane had crashed into one of the towers. At that point everyone thought it was a small plane and were saying things like, "crazy New Yorkers" but then the reports started coming in and it was clear that it was a commercial jet. I drove to work and watched as several other USU employees sat in their cars, unable to leave their radios. I saw the second plane hit while watching a TV set in the student center. Such sadness, horror, disbelief. We had a TV brought in to our office so that the staff and students could watch. I was teaching a class that met that evening. Most of my students were children of military (Dept. of Defense students) and I really debated whether to cancel class. We held class but just used the time to connect, discuss, and attempt to process. As you can imagine, they were all terrified of what this meant for their fathers and mothers.

Thanks for helping me remember. We need to never forget.

LauraB said...

I was taking my oldest two children to school about a mile away (they never got up in enough time to walk) when I heard on the radio that the plane had hit the first tower. I raced home and called my dad -- he always watched the TV news because he couldn't move around well. We were on the phone when the second plane hit and stayed on the phone until the 3rd plane hit the Pentagon. I remember just falling to my knees when the first tower fell. My youngest still remembers the day vividly even though she was only 3 at the time.

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