DIY Sewing Machine Table

Friday, October 16, 2009
On a recent visit to the STS (Super Thrift Store) I made a furniture purchase. Remember I told you that they over price their furniture? Well this was no exception. They wanted $20 for this table {pre-hole, sorry I forgot to take a picture before I got started!}

As you can see, she's definitely not a looker and made of pretty cheap materials (plywood top, standard off the rack lumber.) I was only able to talk the guy down to $15, still more than I would have liked to pay. So why in the world did I buy it?

One little reason: it's short {like me!}

It's a bit shorter than a regular desk and when I sat down at it, it was the perfect height for me! I happen to be a perfect 5' tall. When I sit at a regular desk to do regular mundane things {like pay the bills} it's no big deal. But when I sit down to sew and set my sewing machine on top of the desk the extra height really adds up. I feel like I'm sewing with my hands at arm pit level {ok, so that's a slight exaggeration} rather than at the more comfortable level closer to your natural waist. The other plus that sealed the deal was that the front of the table is open, nothing to get in my way!

So I brought it home and Mr. PD and I got busy turning it into my new sewing table.

We cut out a hole for the sewing machine using a jig-saw. I made a template by placing my sewing machine on a big piece of paper and tracing around it, then we taped it on to the table and cut through both the table and the paper. Mr PD then set to work making a shelf at the perfect height for the machine. I then primed and painted the table. I used the most perfect blue, La Fonda Mirage #5003-5B by Valspar (available at Lowes.) I still want to paint something on the table so it's not sealed yet {and yes, I've been using it as is, I couldn't wait!}

So for about $45 I got the perfect sewing machine table at the perfect height! I had thought about buying one of those clear extension tables ($150-ish) but that wouldn't have solved the whole sewing-at-the-armpit-level dilemma.

This does make my office pretty crowded now with 2 desks in there. I'll have to play around with the furniture arrangement soon. Good thing I won't have any guests any time soon!


Conny's Cottage said...

hello norma,

wat a great idee.
that is fantastik.

greatings conny

have fun!!!!

Doris said...

Love it, and I've wanted to do this myself. I have a looks like you have a front-loading bobbin (rather than a drop in bobbin), which is the way my machine is. Did you put a lift on the shelf for lifting your machine up to access the bobbin?

Vicki said...

Your table looks so good and I am glad its at a comfortable height for you. A girl has to have things right :) hugs Vicki

Ryan said...

Thanks for sharing Norma! You did a great job on that table!

Hope it brings you many years of sewing happiness!


Tamstyles said...

wow..table does look really good.

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