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Sunday, October 4, 2009
I recently got an order from one of my favorite online stores, Hancocks of Paducah (HOP). They have a humongous retail store in, you guessed it, Paducah Kentucky. I love their selection and friendly helpful service, but more importantly I love their Clearance! Especially their pre-cut clearance.

I love quilting but there is no way I can afford to pay $8-10/yard for every quilt I want to make. Shopping the clearance sections of online shops lets me afford my little hobby. I may limited by the fabric choices that are on sale but it's a good compromise for me!

A recent shipment I got from HOP made me giddy with excitement. First I got 6 charm packs (2 of each kind) for about $4 per pack! I LOVE charm packs and the variety of fabrics you get in that little bundle of JOY. This particular order included "Nostalgia", "Patisserie", and "Glace" charm packs.

These charm packs, in all of their cuteness, is not what made me giddy with excitement. This is what made me my day:

This is a Kona Cotton Color Card. It contains swatches of all 221 {swoon} Kona Cotton fabrics made by Robert Kaufman Fabrics. I'm a color geek and love to just look at all the beautiful color choices. In fact my other guilty pleasure are those paint swatch decks. Mr. PD gave me 2 of those a couple of months ago and I just love browsing all the purty colors. Yes, I am very easily pleased! {Which reminds me Veronica you still have one of my decks!}

I love using Kona Cottons as sashing and bindings for my quilts. The plus side is that it's available at Hobby Lobby {my closest and very limited fabric source.} I happen to know it's also available at Hancock Fabrics stores. Both of these places usually offer sales or 40% off coupons! It is also available at many online retailers, including HOP.

So now I can sit down and figure out the exact color I want before heading out to Hob Lob. {Look at the subtle differences between Charcoal and Pepper.} If I can't find it there then I can order the exact shade online without having to worry if my screen color is off. This color card set me back $15 which sounded really pricey to me which resulted in a battle of adding and removing from my shopping cart about 5 times. Obviously the shopping cart won! Once I received the color card I was convinced I had made a great purchase.

I also order the Clover yo yo makers in 2 sizes, but they were back ordered. I got one in the mail yesterday and I'm waiting on the other one. I'll be posting my little yo yo's and a review shortly.


Kris said...

Don't you love those color cards? It's made things so much easier for me!

Bamamoma said...

You are a true design-nerd! (and I say that lovingly as only the wife of a design professor could)

MeganAnne said...

I could totally see myself having the same shopping cart battle and loosing too. What a great idea that color card is!

Joy said...

I am so happy you gave in on the color card! Now I know who to call to match the colors of my current project. I have not tried charm packs yet but it is on my list for the next project.

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