Thursday, October 8, 2009
I spent most of last weekend enjoying General Conference from the comfort of my sewing room/office/guestroom {trust me it gets cozy!} Well it was comfortable until I decided to finally clean the room. So while I was being spiritually fed for 2 days I cleaned, organized and finally unpacked the last 2 Rubbermaid containers that I had put off unpacking! Believe me it took both full days to get organized!

The results are so worth it! Now I know where everything is because "I" put it away! I bought a bunch of school boxes ($0.50 on clearance) pencil boxes ($0.25 on clearance) and a pack of 12 quart sized Ball jars ($8) to help me get organized. I also labeled every box so now I have no excuses for not having a clean room. Being organized will also save me $$! Now that I have put everything away I have a mental inventory of what I have. Having everything labeled and in a proper place will help me do a quick search before I head out to the store and end up buying something I already own!

My favorite organizing tool ended up being the Ball Jars. I love walking in and seeing the pretty colors of the items inside. Being made of clear glass, I can see exactly what is in each jar without having to open it. Now I just need to make some cute labels for them.

So here is a 360 tour of my crafty room:
(click on any picture to enlarge and see the captions, use your browser's back button to come back here)

Now if only I could convince my landlord to do something about that paneling. Apparently she thinks it's a "good" thing!


Arianne said...

Whew, that's a lot of work. Do you like to just stand in the middle of room and pick up the organized, creative vibes? The red yo-yos in the jar look fun. What are working on with those?

Thimbleanna said...

Paint it! ;-) Your sewing room is beautiful -- nice and clean and organized!!!

Joy said...

Me next, come organize mine. I can't believe you got that organized in just two days. Mine is still in boxes in the basement.

Miss Mustard Seed said...

I love getting all organized. There's usch a feeling of satisfaction when you go to get something and you know exactly where it is. Beautiful blog. Thanks for paying mine a visit.

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