Super Thirft Store Finds

Thursday, October 15, 2009
The one good thing about moving to Oxford, AL {ok ok, so there might be more good things, I can already hear Heidi snickering!} is the hugest thrift store I have ever been to.

Meet my BFF: STS (Super Thrift Store)

I kid you not, this thing is like Super-Walmart huge. They have a ton of different things and I never leave empty handed {not necessarily a good thing!} My one pet peeve about the place is that they way over price their furniture. So while I like to look at the furniture it hardly ever gets to come home with me.

  • Here are some recent thrifty finds:
  • cloche top ($0.75)
  • pedestal base ($1.75) (I found these in different places within the store. The top doesn't quite fit into the base but that's fine with me)
  • a little foam house ($0.25) (for terrarium decor)
  • vintage pillowcase ($0.25)
  • picture stand ($0.25)
  • purse, Liz Claibourne ($1.75) (mine is falling apart)
  • bag of craft goodies ($1.00)
  • large picture frame with glass ($4.00) (more than I really wanted to pay but I had been searching for a while for the perfect size)

The only reason I bought the craft bag was this:
I have fond memories of playing, sifting, looking, and sorting through my mom's button box. So I'm starting my own collection for my kids to play with, and for crafts of course! There were a few other goodies in the bag including orange acrylic craft paint (perfect for Halloween) and tons of ribbon.

That very same day I transformed the cloche (and one I had previously found for $3.50) I gave them a coat of spray on primer then finished them off with 2 coats of Heirloom White Spray paint. I also took the little house off it's base but it's too big for any of my current moss terrariums.
Have you found any recent thrifty treasures?

Happy Thrifting!


Kristen said...

I may just have to come visit you so I can check out that thrift store! I love what you did with the cloche, and I, too, remember sifting through my mother's button box. Thanks for the cool ideas!

The DO said...

Oh how I miss Thrift stores!! We are a military family in Hungary right now and, oddly, the Hungarians have no thrift stores. I think it's because they are a poor country so families tend to hang onto their good stuff and they don't tend to buy much (hense they don't get rid of stuff!). I've seen people riding circa 1940's bikes, and not because they are cool antiques!

Dena said...

Living in a small farming community, we don't have a large selection of items in our local thrift stores. But, every once in a while I find something I can't live without.

All those buttons would work great in a crazy patch project... maybe a pincushion? Have fun!

Gene Black said...

Oh my gosh! You live pretty near to me. I have BEEN in that store.

I found your blog from a comment you made on Ryan's blog (I'm just a guy who quilts)

I am excited about your DIY sewing machine table. I can hardly wait to see that post. I will be adding you to the "blogs I read"

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Wow what a great thrift store! I may have to travel up there to find it :-) Please stop by my thrifting blog -

I started JALSH because I wanted to keep my Quilting blog for quilting :-)


Val in the Rose Garden said...

Oh, one quick question... when you are going to use something for food, do you use a different paint on it? Thanks!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

What wonderful finds! I love that you have salvaged and repainted all of these thrifted things. Those cake stands are AWESOME!



Tami said...

I'm addicted to thrift stores! We have the BEST thrift stores in DC. It is insane how good they are.

Fashionable Earth said...

SO LOVELY !!!!! Where is this store? And here are other treasures from the button box:

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