What's for Dinner? Blueberry Sizzle French Toast

Friday, October 2, 2009
My lovely SIL set forth a challenge to photograph and post your daily dinner. So far she's been doing a great job on her family blog. I told her I would join her in posting our dinners, yet I haven't posted a single thing. That would be because my {lately} dinners of spaghetti, cereal {yes you read that right!} or fast food just aren't what I would like to show-off! share.

So what is your cooking style? Everyone has one you know. Are you a:
"made from scratch"
"out of the box"
"cooking? what's that" or a
"gimme the phone so I can order take out" type of person? or maybe you are a mix of a couple of these types.

I think I can categorize my self as Semi-homemade. Like Sandra Lee, but I think I'm more practical. I don't entertain as much as she does so it's not as pretty or sophisticated, but it sure does taste good! I like to make easy meals that taste good, won't break the bank, and are done without slaving for hours in the kitchen.

So the first meal I share with you is:

Blueberry Sizzle French Toast
I love breakfast! Except I never have time {or the desire} to make a huge ordeal. We'll have breakfast for dinner several times a month. Why not?! I can do whatever I want! Sometimes we'll even have pie for dinner! {rarely, but it does happen}

The french toast is made with a wheat French bread loaf (found at Walmart). I don't like my F.T too bee to eggy so I used about 3 eggs to about 3/4c-1c of Milk (for the whole loaf). To that I add about 1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg, 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon, 1 tablespoon vanilla extract and 2 tablespoons sugar. Then I dip my sliced bread into the mixture. I dip the slices into the mixture (on both sides) but I do it quickly so it doesn't get too saturated to avoid the eggy taste. Then cook them up like pancakes on a griddle.

The Syrup is soooo good! I don't know where I go the recipe from. I used some of my frozen blueberry stash from earlier in the summer and it turned out great.

Blueberry Syrup:
1½ c blueberries, 1 T butter, ¾ c maple syrup, dash nutmeg

In a small pot, cook blueberries in melted butter 3 min. Add syrup & nutmeg. Bring to boil.
Serve warm over French toast.

Make sure you use real Maple Syrup, a splurge but oh so worth it! I'm thinking I need to can some of this delicious syrup in those cute little half pint canning jars.

EDIT: ooh I just found the recipe here at foodFit


Arianne said...

That looks so good. To bad blueberries cost so much out here. I may splurge and try the syrup anyway. It would darling in little jars, too.

amy smart said...

Ooooh. That combo sounds SO good! Now I'm going to be craving it until I satisfy. Hmm, dinner?

Bamamoma said...

Yummy! I love breakfast too! Most Wednesday nights Eden and I have waffles (since Phil is eating leftovers at work).

Oh, you asked for my blog address too. It is My old one is and it has a bunch of recipes (every Friday) that mostly fall into your criteria. Tasty, not too fancy, won't break the bank.

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

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