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Thursday, November 12, 2009
I know I went missing for most of the last week. A nasty bug has hit our house and has slowly made it's rounds. Little EJ was the first one to succumb to the nasty cough bug. I was hoping he'd work it out of his system on his own but I finally took him to the Dr. and he is now on some antibiotics. Unfortunately he decided to share the love with me! The funny thing is that when we were at the doctor's office I had a coughing fit just as the doctor walked in the room. He took one look at me and said "you sound like you need to see a doctor."

{meh... doctors schmoctors} I'll just drink plenty of fluids and get plenty of rest. Besides, Mr. PD got me a good supply of Sucrets, Chloraseptic, and Mucinex... I should be good in a few days! If that doesn't work then I'll definitely see a doctor. The good news is I think Mr. PD only got a slight case of whatever bug we have. The bad news is that little Ellie Mae sounds a little croaky tonight.

Aside from being sick it has been a bit cloudy and rainy around here so I hadn't been able to get any pictures of my current projects. Today was nice and sunny and I took full advantage of the situation.

Without further ado here is a sneak peek at my first quilt pattern. {Hopefully I can get the instructions written up this week.}

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Miss Mustard Seed said...

That quilt looks gorgeous! Can't wait to see the entire thing. Sorry to hear about the illness in your family...we've have some nasty stuff going around our household as well. I think we're finally well again. Your feature goes up tonight at 10. :)

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