The worst Christmas tree EVER!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009
Last year we decided to have make a wonderful Christmas memory and cut down our own Christmas tree {all Mr. PD's big idea.} We even went to a tree farm in TN were we lived. We were all excited until we got there and they told us that the only trees they had for cutting down were Leyland Cypresses or White Pine trees. Once I took a look at the selections I tried my hardest to convince Mr. PD to buy me one of my favoritest already pre-cut Frasier Firs. {Love!}

But NO! Mr. PD would have none of that. So between the two available selections I chose the lesser of the "ugly" trees. Ugly trees! not real Christmas trees at all. {no offense if they happen to be your choice of Christmas tree.} There was no talking my hubby into buying the already cut Frasier Firs, NO we were going to create a tradition! So we ended up with a Leyland Cypress.

Fast forward to when we start decorating the tree. My arms broke out in little red bumps and itched like crazy! I was allergic to the stupid thing! So Mr. PD and the kids got to do all the decorating while I supervised and gave constructive criticism.

Fast forward to when it was time to take it down. The stupid tree dried up so much that the needles were super poky like thorns! We managed to get all the ornaments off and most of the lights as well. Our arms were scratched up and bleeding from the tiny paper cut like scratches the tree decided to give us. Then I just looked at Mr. PD and said, "it can keep the lights!" We then took it outside light and all and dumped it in the back yard where we let it really dry out before burning the dang thing!

Never again! This year we got a nice Douglas fir and I tested it on my arms before bringing it home! Mr. PD definitely created a Christmas memory that we will never forget!

Do you have any "fun" {after the fact} holiday memories?


Joy said...

I am rolling on the floor laughing, and that hurts! I have been alerigic to so many different trees, we bought a fake one. Thanks for making me laugh today, even though it makes my chest hurt from this stupid cold.

Tiffany said...

Great story! Last year we were all sick except for hubby. He went to the hardware store to get a tree, it was huge and ugly. My mom spent 2 hours trimming it up and cutting the heck out of it. Funny now but not at the time :)

Amanda Pedro said...

ah man! What a bummer. At least you got a good story out of it and an excuse not to buy that one anymore.
thanks for sharing

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