Joseph's Coat Quilt-along

Friday, January 8, 2010
*Edit* if you are having trouble downloading the template, click here.

I've decided to join along with "Don't Look Now's" "Joseph's Coat" quilt-along. Seeing all of the beautiful creations in the Flickr pool has really made me want to try this out. The one that really caught my eye and gave me the push to join was Cabbage Quilts' block (top row last one.) Her bright cheery colors and charcoal gray background have really captured my interest. I have a feeling this will take a couple of months to make the quilt top.

1. Joseph's Coat Quilt-along, 2. DatongPingyaoShaolinLijiang Dec 2009 440, 3. Jacobs Coat, 4. josephs coat quilt along 007, 5. First two, 6. joseph's coat, 7. block 1, 8. block 2 , 9. Block 1

I've ordered all of my materials and am ready to start as soon as I get moved into the new place. I'll be using Meadosweet by Sandi Henderson and Kona Cotton in Charcoal. I've even made my block template and everything. I'm itching to get started but I've already moved my sewing room over to the new place so I can't even work on it when I find a spare moment.

Making the block template was a challenge. First my really nice compass {from my days in art school} was missing it's leads and missing a piece, rendering it completely useless! I took a quickie trip to Wally-world just for a compass. I bought their nicest one and came home all excited only to find out it doesn't open up wide enough! It's a good thing I'm handy with a mouse. I whipped up a template in Illustrator and I'm making it available to all of you who might not have a compass handy. You can either have it printed at Kinko's, Staples, Office max, etc on a large enough piece of paper (it measures 11"x11") or you can print it up at home on several pages and tape it together very carefully.

Click on the image to be taken to download the file, then click on "Download all images in folder" to also download a single "petal template."


Joy said...

When do you find time to do all you do. I guess I'm just not organized enough. Nope that's not it...just lazy. LOL

Thimbleanna said...

Oooh, I hope you have a great time! I really want to do that project - maybe I will someday, and when I do, I'll know just where to get the template -- Thank You!!!

A Plus Quilt Shop said...

Great template! I definetely could have used it to begin with. I only have one block done but several petals made. I need to get back to working on it again! Thanks for the template :-)

LauraB said...

Joy ... I was thinking the exact same thing ... exact. same. thing!

Love ya, Mrs. PD

Rach said...

Yes, you are awesome!! I've been wanting to start that project, but the main thing that was holding me back is that I didn't want to deal with a compass. :) Woo!

Marielle said...

Thanks for using my photo as an example. I am looking forward to see your blocks

pojo said...

Hi thanks for the template but I couldn't download the complete one for some reason.\
thanks again

pojo said...

I forgot to add the email.\
But I loved your pages, I'm the one couldn't download the complete file.

pojo said...

Hi I still can't download the files for the joseph quilt patterns.
can you help me i would love to make this.
thank you

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