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Friday, January 8, 2010
The nice people over at MyBlogSpark recently sent me some Progresso High Fiber Soup to try out. {They also sent some nice soup bowls and spoons!} We tried out the Home Style Minestrone Soup and it was delish. I was a little weary at first thinking that the soup might taste chalky but it tasted like regular soup. {Even Mr PD liked it!} Each serving (half a can) contains 28% of your daily fiber intake {score!} I can't wait to try out their other high fiber varieties too: Chicken Tuscany, Creamy Tomato Basil, and Hearty Vegetable and Noodles.

So if you want a chance to win your very own prize pack (Soup, 2 soup bowls, and spoons) leave me a comment letting me know how you try to increase your family's fiber intake. {We eat ton's of whole wheat bread, and mini wheats!} Giveaway will remain open until Sunday morning at 8am Central Time)

PS While Progresso Provided me with the soup (for free) through the MyBlogSpark program I would not post about it if I didn't like it.


Joy said...

I tried giving them cardboard chopped into small bite size pieces but they did not care for the taste. I even tried covering it in cream of chicken soup, but still no luck. We are now eating lots of whole wheat bread, and the little one loves cheerios.

A Plus Quilt Shop said...

We eat shredded mini wheats and Wheat bread. I also use those Fiber one bars occasionally. But do not do like my daughter did and eat the entire box in one sitting! They tasted so good until the next day at school. She certainly was not a happy camper that day lol!

SandyQuilts said...

I eat alot of Fibre One products. Plus I'm very fond of Arnold products. We do eat a bunch of Progresso soups every week.


LauraB said...

I eat a bowl of Total in the morning (Total Raisin Bran smokes ANY other raisin bran ... so many raisins that there are sometimes almost too many ;-) and a bowl of Progresso soup for supper (unless one of my managers has me order in lunch and then I get to order one for me ;-) ... anyway, I enjoy all of the Progresso soups because they have such a good overall flavor. I hope I'll lose a few pounds too (but then I'll probably have to stop having a bowl of ice cream before bed ;-) Okay, enough food confessions!

Kristen said...

Fiber has been a real issue this year in our house. I needed to add a ton of it to my diet all of a sudden several months ago so I started eating oatmeal (the quick cook kind, not the microwave packets)for breakfast with a little brown sugar and dried cranberries. I also add wheat germ to whatever I can get away adding it to, usually toppings for casseroles or on top of fish before I bake it. Works like a charm!

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