Project 365 - Week 1

Sunday, January 10, 2010
I'm on a roll with Project 365! I didn't miss a single day of picture taking this week. Granted it is only the first week of the year LOL. We'll see if my enthusiasm remains as the days roll on. You can click on the links to see the full size picture and a short description on Flickr.

1. Project_365_week1, 2. 1-1-10 Dog House, 3. 1-2-10 Boxes, 4. 1-3-10 Mush, 5. 1-4-10 Mail Order Fabric, 6. 1-5-10 Asian BBQ Skewers, 7. 1-6-10 Ice Cream, 8. 1-8-10 Possum

My favorite picture of the week? The cutest possum I have ever seen! {ok it's THE only possum I have ever seen that could possibly be referred to as "cute."} The second runner up are the BBQ skewers because they were sooo good and they even look delicious in the picture {I need to do this whole presentation thing more often.}

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