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Saturday, January 2, 2010
Happy New Year everyone! Did you make it to midnight? I surely did not! {I did not even make it to midnight Eastern time and I'm in Central time.} I could not stay up even if my life depended on it. {I know I'm so lame! LOL} My days of staying up late ended with my first kid. That's alright with me. Staying up to ring in the New Year is not on my priority list. The New Year will be ushered in with or without me so I figure I don't need to stay up. The important thing is that I have reflected on the year that has passed and have set new goals to make 2010 even better for my family and myself.

My SIL wrote me yesterday and suggested I join her in doing Project 365. I have been meaning to try this out and figured there is no better time to start than on January 1st! Basically project 365 consists of taking a picture a day for a whole year in order to better chronicle your life. By snapping a picture a day you should, in theory, be able to capture the day to day and "little things" in life.

What a great way to share your life with your posterity! Consider it keeping a journal in photography form {I'm pretty sure it counts as keeping a journal! ... because I said so.} Think about your great great grandchildren poring over your album {I want to have mine printed into a book at the end} and laughing and pointing at your ridiculous fashions, your sad attempts at gardening, following your grand adventures, and seeing the love shared by your family.

Rather than bog down my blog with a daily image I have created a collection on Flickr for my Project 365. I will post a mosaic on this blog at the end of every week to share my images with you.

So will you be keeping a traditional journal this year or a photo journal??? I'd love to see yours if you keep one.


Joy said...

Keeping a journal???? Is that like a commandment or something. I'm not to good at this one. Maybe I can try for a picture a month. Or better yet just to blog at least once a month.

Anonymous said...

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