Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

Monday, January 4, 2010
... a freezing cold cloudy 28F feels like 18F day. Brrr. I hate the cold. Where's my snow? It thought I lived in the South.

So what could bring me sunshine on a cloudy day? Well for starters Ellie Mae's super static un-brushed hair and her get up for today; a bright red cape and Zorro type mask which only accentuates her unkempt hair. Oh yeah and it looked super lovely when she threw a crying fit when we left this morning and she realized she left her Zoe doll in the house. {I really should have gotten a picture.} Well I "couldn't" go back inside to retrieve it for her. All 45 seconds would have caused EJ to be late for school this morning. Guess what? We were there bright and early. Actually we were the ONLY ones there at all! HA! Joke's on mom, school doesn't start until tomorrow. So what could I do but laugh!

It was alright by me. The new house is less than 5 minutes from the school so we headed over there where I battled the 3 bathrooms, fridge and the stove. The oven won. Kicked my butt big time, but I've already got re-enforcements. Easy-off! That oven doesn't stand a chance!

Once we went home for lunch I had 3 very nice surprises waiting for me in the mail box. Nothing brightens my day like some fresh new scrumptious fabric {You know you have a problem when you refer to fabric as scrumptious, delicious, or yummy :) }

I got an order from Pink Chalk Fabrics. I ordered a Sheri Berry quilt kit ($22) and an extra panel ($3) from their clearance section. Finally! I got me some Sheri Berry Holiday fabrics. They are so cute and retro. They are a little more pastel-y than I would have liked {I wish the colors were a tad more vibrant} but they are still very cute and they will go so well with next years Christmas tree theme. {I went a little nuts at Target's 75% off Christmas clearance and bought a bunch of red and aqua decorations for next year.}

I also got an order from Sew Mama Sew!
Lot's of beautiful orange and aquas, plus some pinks for my girly girl. Again they are all from the clearance section. From left to right they are:
Snails in Orange from Far, Far, Away (Heather Ross)
Swim Class Sunset from Mendocino (Heather Ross)
Aspirin Dot Orange from Windham Basics
Mobile Stripe Aqua from Mingle (Monaluna)
Damask Pink from Ava Rose (Tanya Whelan)
Ambrosia Rose from Santorini (Lila Tueller)

And lastly a catalog full of eye candy from Connecting Threads. I have not ordered from them yet but believe me they will be getting some business from me once I move. They have a ton of quilt kits at very reasonable prices. {I'm in love with the Flying Chirpers Quilt Kit} Not to mention that you can get a free yard of fabric from them!

Give them a try! I know I will. I really want to give their line of threads a try too.
Simply Type CT596 at check out and receive $5.96 off any order that contains fabric. (Expires 2/22/2010. $5.96 minimum order. Limit one per person. Does not apply to shipping costs.)

Oh and all of their books are 40% off until February 22 too!


Danielle @ Transforming Home said...

Such beautiful fabrics! When I see stuff like this online, I know I am missing out on a lot by always getting my fabric at Joanns. I need to give Pink Chalk Fabrics and Sew Mama Sew a try.


Gene Black said...

Mmmmm. If I say the fabric is luscious then I don't have a problem, right?

I have ordered from Connecting Threads. I like them. The thread is nice. I may have to use that coupon code......for some scrumpt....err luscious fabrics.

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

I have done the same thing with school!! But what a nice surprise!! Oh I love all your fabric!! Love the holiday line too!!

Joy said...

I have fabric envy! Can't wait to see the things you whip up.

Anonymous said...

Is there any way to cross a word out with a line in post title?

Sherri said...

Love your fabrics...all of them!!!

Sokimna said...

Norma, you are such a talented person!!!!

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