Saturday, February 27, 2010
I have just discovered the most amazing thing ever! {well it's pretty darned cool in my book!}

Did you know that you could buy your very own personalized Whatnot? What's a Whatnot? A Whatnot is a muppet "extra" that can be seen in the background of any muppet movie or show, just like a real live extra! How cool is that?!!

I love the Muppets! I grew up watching The Muppet movies, Sesame Street, occasional episodes of Fraggle Rock and one of my favorite books was one from The Muppet Show. So when I saw this this morning {in my drugged up state of 2am, we're all sick over here, I can't even remember how I got to the FAO Schwarz site} I couldn't resist making up a Whatnot to represent my wonderful husband and myself.

At $129.99 each I don't know how I could justify the price but I really want these! {they are just so cool!} Think of the church talent shows you enter, all of the fun Family Home Evenings you could put on, and all the fun bedtimes your kids would have! I never know what to get Mr.PD for his birthday and for Father's Day (both about 2 weeks apart) but I think I may have to get this for him this year.

From what I can tell, the Whatnots are half bodied and include the hand rods. Oh and I now remember that I saw these on Heather Ross' site, she had one made for her hubby for Valentine's Day!

I really must say how much Mr.PD's muppet resembles him! He's even got the same "bug eyed" smile as my dear hubby. I love that they had the option of the "thinning" hair. I always tease Mr. PD about his thinning hair but I tell him it doesn't bother me because I can't really see the top of his head anyway! {He's 6' tall and I'm 5'} The leather jacket really adds to his resemblance because Mr. PD loves motorcycles {but he hasn't had one since our college days because he is now a "responsible dad."}

So head on over and have some fun at the muppet workshop!

Going to work on this...

Friday, February 26, 2010

This is my "quilting plan" for my DQS8. A PC drawing tablet would sure be handy for this kind quilt doodling {hint hint Mr.PD} This is the kind of thing I learned when I took Carla's online Quilt Whisperer class. I think I did pretty well at thinking "outside the box." At first I couldn't get past the pinwheel blocks as being the focus of the quilt. Now lets see if I can put it to paper, er fabric. (oh and excuse the wonkiness of the top, in this picture the top wasn't completely pieced yet.)

Now excuse me while I go quilt!

Project 365 - Week 7

Picture #6 is by far my favorite picture of the week. When I saw the way the picture turned out I just about cried! I'm sure we've all had those moments when reality smacks us right in the face and we realize that our precious babies are growing up!

I had fun editing the snow pictures to really make the snow pop. I used this tutorial by The Pioneer Woman {I want to be her when I grow up!}

Overall it was a productive week for the Petit Debutant household.

Modern Tradition Quilt Bee: February Blocks

Thursday, February 25, 2010
The other day I got to play with these lovely fabrics:

To make these lovely blocks:
Believe it or not these are my very first ever log cabin blocks! I don't know why I've never made them before but I must say that I am now hooked. They were so easy and turned out so beautiful and perfect {trust me they are 100% square and not wonky at all despite what the picture shows!} It's funny because I kept thinking I had somehow messed up the order of the next strip but I guess I did all right! These blocks are now on their way to good ole Canada!

Life is Beautiful

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"I'm glad that I live in this beautiful world Heav'nly Father created for me." Click here for the song (Select words and music then click play in the upper left hand corner)

I love orchids don't you? Too bad I commit murder every time I decide to bring one of these lovelies home from the store with me. {Don't worry I didn't bring these home. These are safe and sound at the local museum.}

Joseph's Coat Quilt-along: Template Help File

Tuesday, February 23, 2010
I've gotten a few recent comments from individuals trying to join the JCQA (Joseph's Coat Quilt-along.) It seems some of you are having trouble downloading the jpg template file. Now it would be easier for me to email you directly but some of you still have your email settings turned off on blogger, so I can't email you back! I just hope you somehow happen to read this post.

1)First Click on the picture of the template found in this post here.

2)You will then be re-directed to media fire. Click here:
3)You will then be taken to the following page. Click here:

4)A pop up window will prompt you to save or open file. Make sure "save file" is selected. (your computer will then save it to your default location which is usually under my documents, my downloads.) Then click "ok"
5) Now press "back" on your web browser and follow the same steps for the petal template.
I hope this helps!!

Project 365 - Week 6

Thursday, February 18, 2010
1. Project 365 Week 6, 2. 2-5 Jelly Belly, 3. 2-6a Valentine's Project, 4. 2-6b Valentine's Project, 5. 2-7 Valentine's Cards, 6. 2-8 Fabric Score!, 7. 2-9 Legos, 8. 2-10 Banana Bread, 9. 2-11 Cleaning sucks

I can't pick a favorite this week. I like them all! I can narrow it down to the Lego one and the Valentine's cards {which where a huge hit with everyone.} You can click on any of the numbered links to see the full size image and a description on flickr.

LQG (Local Quilt Guild)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010
If you have a local quilt guild (LQG) that meets in your town I highly recommend you visit them. You may actually find that you like it!

I recently joined my LQG and it has been great! Our guild meets once a month and meetings are generally a pretty fun time.

At our last meeting I took a bunch a pictures of some of the things we did. During this particular meeting we had a few stations with demonstrations, show and tell, BOM (block of the month) drawings, FQ drawings, and show and tell, not to mention munchies!!!

At the first station we learned the art of paper piecing. This will also be the block of the month block for next months drawing. The way it works is you make one(1) of the designated blocks and bring it with you to the next meeting {if you so desire.} Then your name goes into a hat, along with everyone else's name who brought a block. Then a name is drawn and that person gets all of the blocks that where made that month!! A super way to have a quick quilt if you are lucky enough to have your name drawn!

The FQ drawings work the same way. You bring in a FQ in the designated theme and your name goes into a hat. If your name is drawn then you get all of the FQ's!

At the next station we learned all about ruching. I can't wait to make some of these flowers to embellish clothes and hair clips for my little girl

At the third station we had a demonstration on embroidery. I'm pretty good at embroidery so I didn't really pick up any tips here, except that I learned the split stitch. I did however enjoy looking at these fun "Little Red Hen" blocks. I love the leaf detail on the corn! And check out that blue bandanna pig!

At the last station we had a demonstration on the cathedral windows quilting method. We were shown a method that uses both machine and hand stitching. You know how I feel about hand-stitching {takes me for-e-ver!} so I will be doing it all by machine.

Here is one of the quilts that was brought in for show and tell. Isn't it purrty?
OH and I have to share the deal of the year {maybe even the decade!}
YES! you read that right. $2.00 for 1.5 yard of the very very hard to find Heather Ross no longer in print Lightning Bugs fabric! I just about pooped in pants when I saw it and the price tag. I very quickly snatched it up and hid it in my arms so no one could steal it from me. I was glad that I had cash in my purse that night! So I got home and looked it up online an it's going for about $36 a yard!!! Mr. PD asked if I was going to sell it. HA!! no way. I have plans for this cute as ever print. It will go lovely in my blue and orange quilt that has been floating around in my little head.

Have you scored any amazing fabric deals recently?


I have been busy {and sometimes not so busy} the last few weeks. Mainly I spent a lot of time reflecting on life and family.

I lost a dear friend a few days ago, and my dear friend lost her husband. I'm talking about the same person. Phil Kesler passed away on Thursday night. He was a very wonderful person and a great example to my family. I am grateful to have known him and will have fond memories of our many conversations about fonts and colors. You see Phil was an assistant professor at JSU and taught graphic art there. We were just two geeks in a pod! A comment/compliment from Phil on any project/flyer etc. that I made, let me know that I had done a good job!

Well it just so happens that his lovely wife became an instant friend from our first Sunday in Oxford, AL. Our daughters love to play with each other, we served together in the Young Women's program at church, and often found ourselves just hanging out. So my heart has been aching for her and especially for her daughter's loss (she's only 3.)

I have also been reflecting on my life and my priorities. I am grateful that through my friend's loss my testimony in the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been reaffirmed. I am grateful that families can be together forever. I am especially grateful that I have my husband and children to hug and kiss at least for a little while longer. I am also grateful for my friend and her strength, her testimony, and her happiness at such a difficult time. I will miss you terribly my dear friend!

Project 365 - Week 4

Friday, February 5, 2010
I'm pretty happy with the photography this week {all except the shot at Outback, darn you low lighting atmosphere *shaking fist*} I'm debating getting myself some rain boots too so that I can play outside with the kids without the fear of ruining {well just stepping in poo, and who wants to do that} my running shoes. I'm pretty sure I can fit into the largest size of HK boots. Won't I look cute?

I'm usually pretty good about being on pooper scooper duty but this yard is different. It's huge and it's in a more natural state (lots of trees, leaves, sticks etc) and it makes it really hard to spot poop. I got tired of the kids coming into the house with poopy shoes so I went out and bought them the rain boots! The kids love them and have been asking for rain boots for a couple of months now. The boots never cross the door threshold.

Project 365 - Week 3

Thursday, February 4, 2010
I'm still chugging along with Project 365. I just need to be better at uploading my images. I can't believe a whole month has gone by already. Before I started I thought I might run out of things to take pictures of, but now I have come to realize that there are so many things that happen in a day it's almost hard to narrow it down to just one photo for the day.

There are a few pictures in this week I'm glad I have. There is now way I would be able to remember half this stuff in a few years. I'm a very visual person and I'm loving this version of "journaling." I can't wait to have this printed at the end of the year.

My favorite photo of the week is the organized toy room {and no it didn't last} but it's not my favorite memory of the week.

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