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Friday, February 26, 2010

This is my "quilting plan" for my DQS8. A PC drawing tablet would sure be handy for this kind quilt doodling {hint hint Mr.PD} This is the kind of thing I learned when I took Carla's online Quilt Whisperer class. I think I did pretty well at thinking "outside the box." At first I couldn't get past the pinwheel blocks as being the focus of the quilt. Now lets see if I can put it to paper, er fabric. (oh and excuse the wonkiness of the top, in this picture the top wasn't completely pieced yet.)

Now excuse me while I go quilt!

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Gene Black said...

Looks great Norma. I am not quite that accomplished with my free motion quilting just yet.
I did try a couple of new things on my latest project though.

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