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Wednesday, February 17, 2010
If you have a local quilt guild (LQG) that meets in your town I highly recommend you visit them. You may actually find that you like it!

I recently joined my LQG and it has been great! Our guild meets once a month and meetings are generally a pretty fun time.

At our last meeting I took a bunch a pictures of some of the things we did. During this particular meeting we had a few stations with demonstrations, show and tell, BOM (block of the month) drawings, FQ drawings, and show and tell, not to mention munchies!!!

At the first station we learned the art of paper piecing. This will also be the block of the month block for next months drawing. The way it works is you make one(1) of the designated blocks and bring it with you to the next meeting {if you so desire.} Then your name goes into a hat, along with everyone else's name who brought a block. Then a name is drawn and that person gets all of the blocks that where made that month!! A super way to have a quick quilt if you are lucky enough to have your name drawn!

The FQ drawings work the same way. You bring in a FQ in the designated theme and your name goes into a hat. If your name is drawn then you get all of the FQ's!

At the next station we learned all about ruching. I can't wait to make some of these flowers to embellish clothes and hair clips for my little girl

At the third station we had a demonstration on embroidery. I'm pretty good at embroidery so I didn't really pick up any tips here, except that I learned the split stitch. I did however enjoy looking at these fun "Little Red Hen" blocks. I love the leaf detail on the corn! And check out that blue bandanna pig!

At the last station we had a demonstration on the cathedral windows quilting method. We were shown a method that uses both machine and hand stitching. You know how I feel about hand-stitching {takes me for-e-ver!} so I will be doing it all by machine.

Here is one of the quilts that was brought in for show and tell. Isn't it purrty?
OH and I have to share the deal of the year {maybe even the decade!}
YES! you read that right. $2.00 for 1.5 yard of the very very hard to find Heather Ross no longer in print Lightning Bugs fabric! I just about pooped in pants when I saw it and the price tag. I very quickly snatched it up and hid it in my arms so no one could steal it from me. I was glad that I had cash in my purse that night! So I got home and looked it up online an it's going for about $36 a yard!!! Mr. PD asked if I was going to sell it. HA!! no way. I have plans for this cute as ever print. It will go lovely in my blue and orange quilt that has been floating around in my little head.

Have you scored any amazing fabric deals recently?


Gene Black said...

Sounds great. I wish I had time to attend a guild. I am wondering which one you are in.

Joy said...

Please take me with you to the next meeting. I would love to join!

a little bit biased said...

What a great deal and a great guild activities. I did get a deal that I was pretty proud of last summer, a custom jelly roll strips for $2.50! It was great, but I still need to do something with them.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering the giveaway! Have a great day!

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