Project 365 - Week 4

Friday, February 5, 2010
I'm pretty happy with the photography this week {all except the shot at Outback, darn you low lighting atmosphere *shaking fist*} I'm debating getting myself some rain boots too so that I can play outside with the kids without the fear of ruining {well just stepping in poo, and who wants to do that} my running shoes. I'm pretty sure I can fit into the largest size of HK boots. Won't I look cute?

I'm usually pretty good about being on pooper scooper duty but this yard is different. It's huge and it's in a more natural state (lots of trees, leaves, sticks etc) and it makes it really hard to spot poop. I got tired of the kids coming into the house with poopy shoes so I went out and bought them the rain boots! The kids love them and have been asking for rain boots for a couple of months now. The boots never cross the door threshold.


corrie said...

I love the boots picture. That is a fabulous idea.
I also think the picture of the penguin princess is very cute. I love funny kids expressions.

Kristen said...

Rain boots are a fabulous idea, Kade just loves his "hoo bops"!

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