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Thursday, April 29, 2010
My birthday is Sunday {woot woot.} I'm not 30 yet but I'll be pretty dang close. I'm not one of those women who is afraid of getting older, maybe it has to do with being {constantly!} mistaken for being 15-17 years old! Yeah, I know - How awful is that?!

It's not that bad actually, except for when I'm with my church girls (I'm the leader of the Beehives, 12-13 year old girls) and I blend right in! I'm a petite gal in height and weight so yeah, I blend right in. Heck, some of my girls are much taller than me. Hopefully my take charge attitude and self confidence shows that I'm NOT one of the 12 year-olds.

The only other time it is annoying to look so young is when I'm pregnant. Especially if I'm out and about by myself or with one of my kids. You should see the dirty looks I get especially from other middle-aged women. When they are giving me one of those piercing looks of disapproval, the hormonal crazy person inside of me just wants to go over there and give them some of my "oh-no-you-did-nt" attitude. It makes me want to yell at them to mind their own business and tell them how happily married I am (now 8 years!!) to a wonderful husband who has a great job so I can stay home to raise my children, and about how they can take their judgments and shove it. {It's a good thing I'm only hormonal while pregnant - which I'm not mom!} Interestingly enough I've never noticed any of the same looks when I'm out with my husband. I jokingly tell him that the looks we get then, are directed at him for "robbing the cradle." Actually when we are all out together we get tons of nice compliments about our family, our well behaved kids, and about what "cute children we make." {I still don't know how to feel about that lost comment/compliment!}

Mr PD wanted some direction as to what I would like for my birthday. Usually our birthday requests are at least slightly influenced by our needs. So I thought about it and came to the conclusion that right now our needs are met. How great is that blessing? I'm glad that my Heavenly Father has given me that gift for my birthday, that all of our needs are met: we are debt free, we have a budget, we have food storage, we have a home, we have food, we have friends, we have a job, we are healthy (when I know so many friends who are not), we are Happy, we are TOGETHER, we are at Peace, and we can help others. My cup definitely runneth over.

My wants are simple, oh sure I could ask for {not that it would happen, ever or anytime soon}:

a longarm; $12-$20Kbut I'm not willing to make my family go into debt for something I can't drive to the store

an AccuQuilt Studio Cutterat $1600 I don't think so!

Instead I would really appreciate:

a cute little timer; <$4 Bed Bath & Beyond (not for cooking but for limiting my time on the internet! )

any of the following kitchen gadgets to go with the amazing book I already got from my MIL

a danish dough hook/whisk; $7 amazon
a bread box to keep all that yummy bread fresh; $15 Target (my Target had these on clearance for $9)
and something to hold my recipes and books while I'm cooking; $15-25 target
See, simple! Oh and I wouldn't say no to a Hobby Lobby gift card! Did you notice that there are no quilting items/fabric? I'm trying to minimize my stash and use what I have, so I've put myself on a fabric diet. I could use a new quilting ruler and batting but a Hobby Lobby gift card would take care of that.

What would you love to get for your birthday?


Crystal said...

Ugh, I get to be thirty this year. I too am not one to be really antsy over my age but thirty just seems so *old* like there is an edge and thirty tips me over it. I have no qualms thinking of myself at 40-45-50 but 30 seems so...daunting.

Happy (early) birthday to you! I hope you get what you wish for.

RosaMaría said...

me encanta tu lista de regalos! yo sueño con tener una long arm y esa máquina para cortar sería fantástica también... pero es mucho dinero...
me diste una buena idea con lo del reloj para limitar el tiempo en internet...

feliz cumpleaños!

Arianne said...

Oooo. You got the bread book, you lucky girl. Hope you share pics from your creations! Happy birthday!

Joy said...

Happy Birthday, It would be great if you got the long arm, but that's just us wanting you to quilt for us. Hope you get all you want.

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