MTQB: Tulips for May

Friday, April 23, 2010
As I mentioned before, I joined the Modern Tradition Quilt Bee back in January. I love the internet and how it can bring strangers together to become quilting buddies! 12 lovely ladies {myself included, so I can say that! Ha Ha} make up the MTQB. We each picked a month, I picked May (my birthday month) so that I could make myself a quilt because believe it or not I still don't have a quilt for myself! So I decided that the resulting quilt from MTQB would be a birthday present to myself.

So here's how an internet quilt bee works:
1) A few weeks before your month you decide on a pattern, make a few test blocks, and decide on your fabrics.
2) You cut up your fabrics and package them up so that you have a package to send to each member (minus yourself)
3) You send off each package with instructions to each of your members and hopefully they get them in a timely manner towards the beginning of your month so that they can have all month to procrastinate work on your block or blocks! {I'm speaking of myself here!}
4) Your buddies get to work and each make your block or blocks and mail them back to you at the end of the month!
5) You eagerly watch the mailbox and ooh and aah over each block and think how awesome it is to get a quilt top assembled without a ton of work on your part!

Here is a the block my fellow bees will be making for me:

Which I will then turn unto this:
Hopefully I will have this quilt finished by my 30th birthday next year!

The fabrics are Hunky Dory by Chez Moi for Moda and I love them! It's a very Springy color palette. The background fabric is Kona Cotton in Snow which is an off white. I really wanted to try a light gray background but since my color card has gone missing I didn't want to risk ordering fabric online and getting something completely different!

I was inspired by the traditional tulip blocks set on point as seen here:

Delft Tulips
by MICHELE CRAWFORD as seen in The Quilter Magazine May 09

Janet Wickell


But it wasn't until I saw this one that I knew that this was the basic construction I wanted for the tulips:
Sentimental Stitches
... and then I stumbled upon this one here:


That's when I knew this would be my May block!


Gale's Goodies said...

What a cool block! Those Tula Pink Nest fabrics are my absolute favorites. Good luck with your bee!

Gale's Goodies said...

Where can I find this pattern?

RosaMaría said...

va a ser un quilt super bonito!!! he pensado en entrar a eso de los quilt bee, pero no me he decidido porque a veces no tengo mucho tiempo para coser, pero tu post ayuda mucho a darme cuenta de còmo funciona. las telas que elegiste me gustan mucho, el patrón del block lo sacaste de algún libro o de la web?
feliz fin de semana!!

Katelyn R. said...

Aw, That will be a beautiful quilt! I like how your going to set them. And glad to be an inspiration! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Looks amazing,can I get a pattern please? My email is Thanks:)

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