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Wednesday, April 28, 2010
I had a good laugh the other day when I realized that my "original" tulip flower block was not so original {ok so it was just a smidgen disappointing.} Browsing through my flickr faves I came across Amy's (Park City Girl's) DQS7:

Isn't it gorgeous?

Apparently it made an impression since I didn't even remember having it in my favorites. Still it was fun to figure out the block for myself. I hope Amy doesn't mind that my subconscious really wants to be like her!

I have no idea what size or how Amy constructed her block. I've had questions regarding a pattern for my block my answers:

Where can I find the pattern? Well the tulips can be found in "Jelly Roll Quilts," and a paper piecing template can be found on Sentimental Stitches (I can't seem to find the link so I don't know if she removed the pattern, you could always ask her!)

There is no pattern for the way I made my block, I just made it up! I think I will be writing a pattern for my quilt once it is finished though.

So much for my originality! Then again, it's really hard to be completely original in quilting where creativity and inspiration is drawn from so many other blocks/quilts, it's hard to know who "did it" first.

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Amy - Park City Girl said...

I love your Hunky Dory tulips! It will be a fabulous quilt! Our construction looks the same - my little flowers were 4.5" before sashing.

I love the inspiration we find online, and how deeply it seems stick in our brains :)

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