Tuesday, April 13, 2010
I did something pretty dumb, if not right out stupid today. The result is an injured neck that I can barely move. I wish I had a pretty cool story to go along with my hunchbacked appearance (because I can't seem to straighten up.) Anything would be better than the truth, like: "I got bucked from a horse" "I got into a bike wreck" or "I fell down the stairs" but sadly I made a wrong choice and I should have known better. I'm almost embarrassed to tell you the reason for my dilemma, but maybe you can learn from my mistake: I didn't bother to do a full cool down after a workout. It's not the first time I skimp on the cool down but you better believe it will be the last time!

I know I have neglected this little blog from time to time so I don't even know if I had mentioned that triathlon training season has begun! I completed my first triathlon 2 years ago and I am hooked. I have a few races planned for this year and so I have been training like crazy! I know this is more of a crafty blog so I haven't' bothered to fill you in on all the details of my daily/weekly training adventures and mishaps. Today however, has earned the right to shared with all!

I decided to do a little cross training today so I started off my day with a Jillian Michael's "30-Day Shred" level 3. I was doing just fine and was amazed at how well I was doing (meaning I wasn't huffing and puffing.) There is a giant mirror in my living room and I even thought to myself "Hey I'm looking pretty dang good!" {I know, I know, Pride cometh before the fall.} Anyway I was busy "shredding" when my buddy called (yes it's your fault Corrie, j/k) and interrupted my workout for about 15 minutes. After said call I went back to "shredding" and when I finished the workout I cut the cool down short so I could head on over to the YMCA for a swim. Well the cool down part that I skipped was all the arm stretches and {yup you guessed it} the neck stretches.

I got to the YMCA and got all decked out in my nifty triathlon gear and my new waterproof mp3 player that my most wonderful hubby got me recently. I warmed up with a nice 500yd swim (20 laps) and then decided to do another 500yds at a faster pace. I was on my 2nd lap when it happened. I at the wall for the open turn and was getting ready to push off the wall when something caught my eye out of the corner of my eye. I looked up and then didn't pt my head back down in time for the push off. As I pushed off the wall my head was a bit higher than it should have been so there was quite a bit of force from the water pushing down on top of my head and that's when I felt the "pinch." I struggled to finish that 500yd swim and my neck has gone downhill from there. I'm so stiff I feel like a grandma!

So now I'm lying in bed and applying heat and ice to my poor neck. The silver lining? I should be able to get some blogging done! Unfortunately I don't think I'll be able to make my 5:30am spin class {cycling, not yarn!} or the biking youth activity of tomorrow afternoon. Who knows maybe I'll feel better by then because right now I feel like I got hit by a truck, bucked off a horse, and whip-lashed!

Moral of the story? Cool down after a workout!


Sabrina said...

Oh I feel for you! I've strained my neck more than once doing some silly things at the gym or my old job...doing dead lifts incorrectly was my recent downfall. :(

Have you ever tried a chiropractor? I never went to one before my first neck issue and finally caved when I couldn't lift my head for a few days. It was a miracle! I felt better immediately and walked out of his office standing straight up! I've had to visit a few times since then due to the same injury and it always helps. Hope you feel better!

corrie said...

Oh ouch. I'm sorry you're hurt. I hope you loosen up by this afternoon. The bike ride wont be the same without you. Not at all.

Bamamoma said...

I hope you are feeling well enough to fly on an airplane. If you are still feeling pinched when you get here, Phil's dad is an awesome chiropractor and will get you shaped up (for free). Call me when you get into town. I should be in Alpine Thursday night by around 7pm. We'll party like a couple of old grandmas if we have to!

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