What's for Dinner? Low Country Boil

Saturday, April 24, 2010
It's been awhile since I did one of these post! I really wanted to share one of my favorite southern dishes: Low Country Boil (minus the newspapers, look it up!)

It couldn't be easier to make this dish and it is ALWAYS a crowd pleaser. What's not to love? Sausage, corn, shrimp and potatoes and don't forget the corn bread! This time I added carrots because I saw it with carrots the other day at Cracker Barrel and thought "why not?" I follow a super simple recipe by my favorite all time cook Miss Paula Deen! Honestly it's so easy I don't even look at the recipe anymore!

I really, I mean reheheally want to go to her restaurant in Savannah, Ga and I really want to stay at her cottage home on Tybee Island the "Ya'll Come Inn!" I also wouldn't mind a few pieces of furniture from her collection. OK yeah, I really love Paula Deen!


Gene Black said...

So what time should we come over? Mmmm that sounds delicious. I love a low country boil.

RosaMarĂ­a said...

se ve buenĂ­simo! me encanta el elote amarillo!

Brooke said...

I had this at a wedding in South Carolina, and even to this Northwest Coast girl, we fell in LOVE with it! Thanks for the recipe!

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