Quilt re-visited

Thursday, May 13, 2010
I previously mentioned I got to visit UT last month. Well I was able to hang out with my husband's sister as well! More girl talk, more food, and more fun!

She totally indulged me by visiting my husband's grandma with me and then drove me around to buy some:

Oh how I love thee, let me count the ways:

Raspberry truffles


Blueberry Truffle
Key Lime TruffleLemon truffle

I tried their new Strawberry Truffle it was awesome (sorry no pic) and I tried Ginger, it was interesting but good
Yes I am a fan of the truffles! I find them to be less sweet than those my husband prefers, like the Bordeaux's and Butterscotch squares.

Then she took me to an awesome Thai restaurant were I had some super awesome curry! Then we went back to her place and stayed up eating strawberries with sour cream sprinkled with brown sugar and watched the blind side. The next day was Sunday and the day I was flying home. So we got up early and headed over to Temple Square to watch Music and the Spoken Word live! It was an amazing performance by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in a beautiful building. It was a fun weekend visit!

Before leaving I remembered to take some decent pictures of the Recipe for Friendship Quilt that my other SIL (Ari) and I made for Ruth.

Seeing that quilt reminded me that I still have to quilt my daughter's version of the quilt! The top has been pieced for almost a year now! Shame on me!


Michele said...

Such a lovely quilt. I am a huge fan of squares! So so pretty!

Gene Black said...

Surely you know that I am a chocoholic and seeing the See's is making me crave something dark and rich and luscious. The raspberry and marizpan make my mouth water. And since I love ginger, I am thinking that would be good too.

I would love to hear the Mormon Tabernacle Choir live. They are always amazing.

You should bring that quilt to guild for show and tell once you get it quilted.

Joy said...

You went to Utah and brought back "See's Truffles" and did not even share. Booo? Oh well my Mom is coming next month, I will have to tell her to bring some.

trish said...

Hello. :o)
I absolutely adore your M.E. quilt. She is one of my very favorite artists and finding that she makes fabric has been absolute delight!! Because I am still fairly new and not real savy yet, I am ordering her fabric off of Etsy, thankfully from ladies who still have some of her outdated designs. Whew. Love Etsy! :o)
Sincerely - Trish

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