Saturday, May 15, 2010
I love color.

This rental house is stifling my color groove! I'm working on a furniture project that will rip-off Pottery Barn. {Notice I didn't say Pottery Barn is ripping me off, nope I'm going to outsmart PB by building it myself and saving $1000.} It's an entry way system that will hopefully keep my house tidier, help me with my sanity, and temper (it never fails that we always spend 10 minutes looking for shoes before we leave the house, especially when I'm in a hurry) assuming I can train my kids and husband to use it!

I've painted the pieces we have so far a creamy white color that honestly just looks like plain white! I'm not really happy with it but I think I will leave it for now and instead accessorize with color, glorious color! Ideally I would love to paint the basement walls in "Alpaca" gray, I would love to re-paint the entry system in either a mustardy-yellow "Anjou Pear" or a toned down green "Sassy Green" and I would add accessories in "Youthful Coral" (pink) and "Frolic" (green)

The color chips are so much prettier than what the camera could capture and they are all Sherwin Williams paints. I think I could convince my landlord to let me paint the basement (kids playroom and where guests would stay) if only I could convince Mr. PD


Gene Black said...

I love the color selections. Maybe you could cover some foamboard panels in fabric and cover chunks of the wall to add color, glorious riotous color. That way you don't change the walls and the landlord stays happy. Mr PD- I am not so sure. But I am thinking he likes to see you happy.

Alisha said...

You will have to post pictures when you complete your entry way system! I am trying to figure something out like that for my house and would love to see what you've got!

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