Tuesday, June 1, 2010
Did you notice I have been missing for a few weeks? Two to be exact, well not including yesterday's post.

Do you ever hit that slump, whether it's in your life, your sewing , or blogging where you just feel unmotivated? Not because you don't have anything to do/share but mainly because the thought of accomplishing the task seems like such a battle. I've come to realize that when I get into this "funk" I can trace the root of my problem to one thing: organization, or rather a lack thereof.

I've been in a sewing funk lately. Mainly it was because of the state of my sewing room:

Well as you can see it was a mess. For some reason the space wasn't working for me. In fact it was working against me! {treason!} I would walk in and just set my new fabrics or projects right near the desk and skedaddle on out of there as fast as I could! I was that unmotivated!

So a few nights ago I was going to do some "light" cleaning in here and it evolved into an epic rearranging of furniture, stashing of fabric, vacuuming, dusting, and more moving of furniture. The result is a more open less crowded feel to the room, even though I added an extra table!
*aah*, much better:

Those small bookcases will be replaced soon with 2 tall bookcases from storage in TN. Hopefully those book cases will give me the extra storage so I can pull out the remainder of my fabric from those boxes you see under the tables and under the frame.

I also made a list of UFO's (unfinished objects) in order of importance. I even posted them over on my left hand side bar {so you guys can keep me on track!} I have 16 UFO's that made the list. 16! That doesn't include at least one more that I found later. I didn't even realize that I had 16 works in progress. Ok well three (#2,8,9) of the 16 have not been started but need to get started.

The other thing that has hit a slump is my blogging. I was having a hard time with how long it took to write a post. Most of the time is spent {or is it wasted?} on the images! I edit 99% of the images before posting them here. I actually love editing images so that's not a big deal, but blogger only lets you upload one image at a time and each one of those images takes forever to load! I finally decided to do some research on the free Picasa account that we get as part of blogger. I'm still learning the ins and outs of Picasa but I think that it will enable me to more efficiently upload my images without taking up so much of my time. i still have much to learn and kinks to work out but I think I'll enjoy using Picasa

So here is to being efficient!


corrie said...

Let me know how you like Picasa. I never edit my images because it takes so long. I get in bloggy slumps too.

RosaMaría said...

picasa? debo revisar qué es, me da curiosidad...
el desastre o desorden del cuarto de costura es lo más fácil de lograr! a mi me sucede lo mismo, un día lo arreglo y todo luce bien y cada día se va desorganizando un poco hasta que sientes que todo es un desastre. Pero tienes un gran lugar para trabajar! el "frame" del fondo es para una long arm? tienes una?
un beso!

Catherine Anne said...

Love it

Gene Black said...

Your messy room looks more like a clean one than my clean room. I would NEVER show mine in a real mess.
I started a rearranging project but life got in the way.

I don't know what you use to edit photos, but I use Photoshop Elements (version 2.0) and it is really easy to resize the pictures making them small enough that they load quickly.

I find I spend more time editing the pictures than writing the post.

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