Mach Tenn 2010

Tuesday, June 8, 2010
I had so much fun last Saturday at my third Mach Tenn Triathlon. It was fun to see old friends who I have trained with in the past. It was even better to be back in Tennessee. I miss TN quite a bit. Of all the places that we have lived (CA, UT, AL, GA, and TN) Tennessee is my favorite so far. Well actually I think Kentucky is my favorite but we were only there for 2 months in a hotel while my husband had an out of town assignment. There is something about TN specifically Murfreesboro that just feels like home. It was torture being so close to Murfreesboro and not having enough time to stop by.

Well I ran a good race {or should that say swam, biked, and ran a good race?} I did not break last years time but I still had a good time and was only about 2 1/2 minutes slower than last year. The funny thing is that my bike time is within milliseconds of last years time, what are the odds of that? So here are some pictures of the day which you may look at if you promise not to laugh!

Here's the cheesy "before" pic. I better pay attention instead of hamming it up for the camera, we're almost up next.
yup that's me #209 right between #208 and #210, those 2 guys make me look tiny!

better get that stop watch ready, I'm next!

GO!! the water was perfect, almost too warm by the end of the swim

See that splash on the left? I'm pretty sure that's me

Coming in from the 16 mile bike ride.

I have to learn how to dismount more gracefully! Honestly I should have had that foot out of the clips long before this point.

You have to make sure you dismount and walk across this point tor you get a penalty. I forget what the guy next to me said but he was being funny! I'm working hard, honest!

Coming in from the run! ...almost... there...

I made it!! and the crowd goes wild (ok just my hubby and kids!) I can't believe I actually look good at this point!
I finished 12th in my age group at:

I can't wait for next year!


Gene Black said...

Wow...I can't even do all that in a whole day...oh wait, I have an "excuse" I am old!
ha ha.

Good Job!

Rafael's Mum said...

Congratulations! Smashing effort. You can rightly be proud of yourself doing all that! I wish I was that fit!

RosaMaría said...

wow! eres toda una atleta, mira que un triatlón no es cualquier cosa! muchas felicidades!

corrie said...

Good Job! You do look great! That's a crazy thing to do...a triathlon. I am in awe of your abilities. You rock, lady!

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